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CHIPS Articles: NMCI is Pushing the DON Forward

NMCI is Pushing the DON Forward
By Dan Porter, DON CIO - May 1, 2001
The Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) is moving the Department of the Navy (DON) ahead as a technological leader and innovator. It is the hard work and efforts of our people - during the formulation of the NMCI strategy, the development of the Request for Proposal and Report to Congress, and the evaluation of proposals, which culminated in a successful contract award - that is propelling the DON forward.

NMCI is an enterprise-wide corporate strategy to bring the most up-to-date information technology (IT) solutions to every member of the Navy and Marine Corps Team, and represents the most profound cultural change the government has seen since the introduction of the radio. We, here in the DON, led the effort to make NMCI a reality and we knew this strategy would be the best plan for keeping the Department's IT capabilities current. Although we are not "there" yet, feedback from organizations that have begun NMCI transition is positive. People are delighted at how smoothly the transition is progressing.

As the NMCI transition takes place, the DON Portal Integration Office is also being stood up. This office will support the Port - the DON Enterprise Portal. The mission of the Port is to provide all DON personnel with one fully customizable, web-enabled portal into all electronic information assets existing in the DON. The DON Portal Integration Office will provide the guidance, assistance, and methods of operation for Department-wide integration of all web-enabled or other content.

By pushing forward on this exciting new initiative, the Department of the Navy continues its leadership in moving new concepts from the drawing board to reality.


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