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CHIPS Articles: Navy Marine Corps Intranet: A superior intranet and the service to back it up

Navy Marine Corps Intranet: A superior intranet and the service to back it up
By CHIPS Magazine - May 1, 2001
What is the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) program?

NMCI is a Department of the Navy program that will deliver comprehensive, end-to-end information services enterprise-wide to the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps through a common computing and communications environment. This environment will enhance system and software interoperability and enhance information exchange capability for garrisoned and deployed forces as well as individual users. NMCI will provide secure and higher quality voice, video and data services at a lower cost than the Department of the Navy is paying today.

The Navy Marine Corps Intranet means:

•Increased combat readiness
•Enhanced security and information assurance
•Interoperability with CINC's and other service branches
•Increased knowledge management
•Increased productivity
•Improved quality of service
•Reduced costs

What is the NMCI scope?

NMCI includes everything necessary to ensure the transmission of voice, video, and data information. It includes associated capital infrastructure improvements necessary to meet quality-of-service requirements, as well as maintenance, training and operation of that infrastructure.

Where will work be performed?

At more than 300 Navy and Marine Corps bases located across the United States, Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Japan, Guam, Hawaii and Iceland for an estimated 360,000 Navy and Marine Corps uniform and civilian work force members.

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