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CHIPS Articles: Information Strike Force

Information Strike Force
By CHIPS Magazine - May 1, 2001
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Who is the Information Strike Force?

•EDS - Global IT services leader
•Raytheon - Leading provider of high-tech defense systems and security expertise
•WorldCom - Premier global communications company
•WAM!NET - Leading provider of business-to-business services (small business)
•Dataline - Communications and IT services expertise (small business)
•Plus other industry leaders including Dell, Dolch Computer Systems, Inc., Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Inc. and Robbins-Gioia
•Small businesses

NMCI Advantages:

•True partnership
•Shared cost savings
•Superior service, security and connectivity
•Consistent office environment
•Commercial and government best practices
•vBNS+ and DISN capability
•Instant Web access
•Unique interoperability with IT-21 (ISNS)
•Client advocate office dedicated to customer satisfaction
•Small business advocate and commitment to meeting 40 percent small business requirement
•Exceptional transition package for impacted federal government IT employees

NMCI Features:

•Service-level contract
•End-to-end services and support
•Customized service offerings
•Robust catalog
•Electronic ordering
•Timely software upgrades
•Training and 24 x 7 help desk support
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