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CHIPS Articles: NKO Puts Learning Tools at Your Fingertips

NKO Puts Learning Tools at Your Fingertips
By JO1 Jd Walter, NPDC Public Affairs Office - July-September 2003
Writing a paper or need information for college, work or pleasure? Need more material than you can find through Internet searches or can't get to the local library? Visit Navy Knowledge Online and tap into the Gale Expanded Academic ASAP, and Student Resource Center - College Edition.

Brought to NKO by the Naval General Library Program, the Gale resources are the result of a partnership between the library program and the Gale Group. This partnership provides Sailors access to full-text resources including over 41,000 primary source documents and one of the most comprehensive collections of magazines and journals in virtually all subject areas. You can find topical essays and biographies and critical analyses with current full-text periodicals and newspapers. A member of the Thomson Corporation, Gale is a world leader in eResearch and educational publishing for libraries, schools, and businesses.

Also featured on NKO, courtesy of the Naval General Library Program, is Peterson's, another Thomson Corporation Company, dedicated to connecting individuals, educational institutions and corporations through numerous online products. For locating facts and figures try Gale Student Resource - College Edition for balanced, in-depth coverage in all the academic disciplines, delivering answers for both the novice and experienced researcher — all in one seamless search.

Other student resources include: sample CLEP and SAT tests and CLEP Study Guides; college and university links; a distance learning program, financial aid and test preparation assistance; and career exploration materials.

"These resources are the perfect fit for NKO," said Capt. James Kantner, Naval Personnel Development Command Knowledge Management Director. "We are creating a learning environment that is dedicated to providing Sailors the tools and resources to excel, whether the Navy creates them or not."

The Naval General Library Program in partnership with NKO is continuing its transformation into a "brick and click" organization providing research services to Sailors Afloat and Ashore that began in 1995 with Library Multimedia Resource Centers installed onboard ships and submarines.

To explore Gale or Peterson's visit and click on My Education

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