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CHIPS Articles: ITs Networking the Future

ITs Networking the Future
By JO1 Jd Walter, Naval Personnel Development Command Public Affairs - July-September 2003
In today’s high tech, network-centric operational environment the Navy’s Information Systems Technicians (IT) represent the core of a command’s ability to get and stay connected. In an era of joint strike, multi-platform, network-centric warfare, information technology is central to mission accomplishment and operational readiness.

To ensure the Fleet has the best trained Sailors at the ready, the Center for Information Technology (CIT) was stood up onboard Fleet Combat Training Center San Diego, Calif. The Center is charged with providing training that meets the needs of the Fleet using the most relevant and efficient delivery methods supporting the personal and professional development of all ITs in the Navy.

"This is a great day for the Navy," said Commander, Naval Personnel Development Command, Rear Adm. Kevin Moran. "Establishing the Center for Information Technology marks a significant milestone in the Revolution in Training. In this Center we have created for the first time a single entity responsible for content, curriculum, delivery, and resources for IT training, and for management of information technology in the Navy."

Working with the Naval Network Warfare Command (NETWARCOM) and the Information Professional Center of Excellence (IPCOE), CIT is building on the efforts of the Task Force for Education through Commitment to Education and Learning (EXCEL). The initial Job Task Analysis (JTA) for the IT rating is currently being used as a foundation for review of existing curriculum and development of new IT training. Additionally, an Information Professional (IP) Officer community JTA is under development in support of the IP Officer basic course and career planning tools for the IP community.

Working closely with the Fleet to identify needs and requirements, this effort will ultimately give information technology professionals easier access to career development resources and opportunities, by providing the right training, at the right time, and in the most appropriate location. "A key part of our mission is ownership of the process for Sailors’ personal and professional development through the Sailor Continuum. We are responsible for training and education of all ITs in the Navy from the moment they enter the service to the day they depart," said CIT Commanding Officer Capt. Craig Turley. "Our goal is to enhance both operational readiness and mission accomplishment. Ultimately, information technology touches each and every member of the Navy."

Unique from its sister Learning Centers, CIT is taking a cross functional approach to the realm of information technology, and provides training to eleven ratings (IT, ET, CTO, CTM, CTT, CTR, STS, ET, FT, FC and OS).

"We are taking training and education to a new and unprecedented level," said Moran. "We will make the greatest Navy in the world and the best Sailors in the world, even better. Together, we are going to create an educational system that will be the standard all others will follow."

For more information on the Navy’s Revolution in Training and the Center for Information Technology, please log into Navy Knowledge Online at

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