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CHIPS Articles: NMCI Implements DON Enterprise Anti-SPAM Solution

NMCI Implements DON Enterprise Anti-SPAM Solution
By Denise Deon - October-December 2005
The Navy Marine Corps Intranet began an enterprise-wide anti-SPAM solution during summer 2005 to provide NMCI users with SPAM detection and filtering. The SPAM protection filters messages that include words or phrases of known and suspect Internet SPAM and words from defined content filter dictionaries.

The anti-SPAM solution started with a three-month transition period. During this transition, the subject line of all known and suspect SPAM messages was tagged, so it could be easily identified by the user and delivered to the user's Microsoft Outlook inbox.

Following the three-month transition period, e-mail tagged as known SPAM is deleted and suspect SPAM is routed to a quarantine server, instead of the user's Outlook inbox. Users will receive a daily SPAM Quarantine Summary Report with a link to the quarantine server for each suspected SPAM message. By following this link, the user can view the message and, if desired, release it to his or her inbox. If users take no action, SPAM messages left on the quarantine server will be deleted after seven days from the date of receipt.

For more information, see the NMCI Anti-SPAM Solution Quick Reference Guide, available from an NMCI computer at http://homeport/userinfo/downloads/userinfo/Anti_SPAM_User_Guide.pdf, or call the NMCI Help Desk at 1-866-THE-NMCI or 1-866-843-6624.

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