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CHIPS Articles: DON Enterprise Architecture 2006

DON Enterprise Architecture 2006
By the DON CIO Enterprise Architecture, Standards and Infrastructure Team - October-December 2006
What is EA-2006?

The Department of the Navy's Enterprise Architecture 2006 (EA-2006) is a management framework that will be used as a catalyst for EA decision support throughout the Department and for addressing long-standing DON capability gaps. It provides Department leaders, program managers, Functional Area Managers (FAMs), and command information officers with insight and understanding of the scale, scope, objectives and progress of DON architecture efforts. The EA-2006 highlights progress and identifies areas requiring attention.

EA-2006 is not a conventional architecture product containing operational views and system views; instead, it is considered a management view of architecture across the DON. EA-2006 is a compendium — a concise but comprehensive summary — of DON architecture projects. It depicts architecture overlaps and gaps.

EA-2006 Objectives

The primary objective of EA-2006 is to create a central document that captures domain-level architecture efforts across the DON. EA-2006 will support the objectives listed below.

Enterprise Architecture 2006 Objectives
• Serve as the DON management view of the DON Enterprise Architecture
• Link architecture development with Department of Defense (DoD) and DON strategic goals and objectives
• Catalog architecture development and production efforts
• Provide concise descriptions of various architectures as well as planned developments and product location
• Provide a single source in which anyone can locate architecture development efforts and associated products
• Be a catalyst for architecture consolidation and collaboration
• Be a catalyst for improving architecture governance
• Respond to Congress, General Accountability Office (GAO), Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) inquiries

EA-2006 Report

EA-2006 examines strategic documentation and architecture alignment to DON strategic goals. EA-2006 follows the basic organizational construct outlined in Naval Power 21. The EA-2006 Web page, as shown in Figure 1, allows users to drill down to the compendium information for each item.

EA-2006 is not an architecture repository. It is an interactive report that outlines the major architecture work underway across the Department and points authorized users to the repositories that contain actual artifacts.

Supporting Efforts

In addition to specific DoD Architecture Framework (DODAF)-compliant architecture products, EA-2006 recognizes that a host of supporting architectures exists throughout the Department. For example, FAMs have amassed a substantial body of architecture artifacts within the DON Application and Database Management System (DADMS).

In addition, important architecture databases exist across the Department that contain thousands of artifacts and form the basis for essential architecture integration and federation efforts. EA-2006 enables managers to review architecture governance and gain insight into the decision processes involved in architecture validation and approval.

The DON believes that the development of integrated architectures at all levels (program, domain and enterprise) is an essential component of transformation.

As the Department moves toward attaining the goals contained in Naval Power 21, it must deal with increasing technological complexity, reduced decision cycles, and an increased need to fuse and share information. Architectures are a fundamental building block for managing change and aligning scarce resources.

The DON EA-2006 is a key enabling resource to the Departmentwide architectural compliance needed to transform the Navy and Marine Corps team into an effective net-centric fighting force.

Figure 1. Enterprise Architecture-2006 Homepage.

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