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CHIPS Articles: Credentialing the DON IA/CND Workforce

Credentialing the DON IA/CND Workforce
By CHIPS Magazine - January-March 2007
The Navy COOL Web site is just one of the new professional development tools supporting commercial credentialing.

In the Federal Information Security Management Act, the Department of Defense directed military services to commercially certify Information Assurance (IA) and Computer Network Defense (CND) professionals. In compliance with the directive, the Department of the Navy's credentialing program is well underway toward bolstering military, civilian and contractor capability in a highly trained joint IA workforce.

Today Navy IA and CND professionals are preparing for commercial certification tests — transforming IA training from traditional venues to a blended solution of e-learning and commercial and military classrooms, in a continuum of life-long learning.

The Navy Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) Web site is just one of the new professional development tools supporting commercial credentialing. Navy and Marine Corps IA Training Management Systems, as well as an electronic paperless test voucher system, are also being piloted.

All Defense Department IA/CND personnel with privileged access or who perform IA management tasks are required to obtain either an IA or both IA and operating system commercial certification, depending on the competencies required of their job.

Enterprise-funded test vouchers are available through the Navy Credentials Program Office at no cost. To obtain a free test voucher, Navy and Marine Corps IA professionals must take a pretest to determine if there are learning gaps that need to be mitigated prior to taking the commercial certification test. See the Navy COOL Web site for details at

For more information about credentialing the DON IA Workforce, please phone (703) 413-7013.

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