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CHIPS Articles: Navy "COOL" Web site provides credentialing information for Navy workforce

Navy "COOL" Web site provides credentialing information for Navy workforce
By Darlene Goodwin - January-March 2007
The Navy Credentialing Opportunities On-Line Navy "COOL" Web site provides comprehensive information on occupational credentials related to Navy work experience and training.

Capt. Kevin R. Hooley, commanding officer for the Center for Information Dominance (CID) Corry Station and Navy COOL project leader, said the site is another innovative Navy blended training solution. "Navy COOL is all about personal and professional development and readiness," he said. "It harnesses a vast amount of information and Web links on one site and provides a road map for earning certifications, licenses and apprenticeships."

A portable copy of Navy COOL, "COOL to Go," has been developed for those with limited Internet connectivity. COOL to Go is downloadable to a hard drive, compact disc or thumb drive. It is identical to Navy COOL, minus connectivity to external sites if used offline. COOL to Go compact discs are planned for distribution with the December 2006 edition of All Hands magazine.

Interest in Navy COOL is high, with more than 6 million hits and 136,000 visits since its June 2006 launch. Even more impressive is that most users spend an average of 11 minutes on the site.

"In the information age, an 11-minute visit in the cyber medium is a long time," Hooley said. "Web visitors are generally looking for quick information and moving on to the next thing, so the fact that Navy COOL visitors are spending longer amounts of time on the site tells me they are finding plenty of helpful information — the information they need. We're also receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from users."

Rear Adm. Dave Gove, commander, Navy Personnel Command and Deputy Chief of Naval Personnel, encourages all Sailors to visit Navy COOL.

"We believe that Sailors who are provided the opportunity to enhance their professional development are not only better performers on the job, but these top performers are more likely to choose to continue their service in the Navy," said Gove.

"We are striving to create and retain the most highly skilled workforce possible, and this key investment in the professional development of our workforce is a win-win for the Navy and the nation."

Visit Navy COOL at

For more information, contact the Navy Credentials Program Office via e-mail at

Darlene Goodwin is the public affairs officer for the Center for Information Dominance Corry Station. She can be reached at or (850) 452.6672.

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