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CHIPS Articles: Developing the Information Technology Professionals of Tomorrow - Today

Developing the Information Technology Professionals of Tomorrow - Today
Wanted: Top performing Information Systems Technicians, who are seeking a challenge...
By CHIPS Magazine - January-March 2007
Interested in being a part of an innovative special program that facilitates a combination of internship techniques in the achievement of engineer-level certifications and higher-level Navy Enlisted Classification codes to place the right people, with the right skills, in the right place? If so, a tour in a Navy Marine Corps Intranet Detachment may be just the assignment for you.

The NMCI is the Department of the Navy's shore enterprise network that delivers centrally managed, comprehensive, end-to-end information service through a common computing and communications environment. The NMCI Detachments were established as part of this groundbreaking initiative.

In a revolutionary approach for developing information technology core competencies, Sailors assigned to the NMCI Detachments are trained by the industry's most highly trained experts from companies such as Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Dell and Netco Government Services.

Fully integrated into the enterprise, Sailors are valued members of the NMCI team supporting a network only second in size to the Internet. Currently comprised of more than 300,000 seats, the NMCI is expected to grow to more than 360,000 seats in its final state.

Through a blended solution of instructor-led, computer-based and on-the-job training, Sailors develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively operate, maintain and administer secure, reliable networks as part of the Navy's training strategy. This approach allows Sailors to return to the fleet fully capable of administering, maintaining, analyzing and securing enterprise-wide networks.

As word gets out to the fleet about the many successes of the program, commands are aggressively seeking out our Sailors for follow-on tours. The critical skills and abilities developed in the program are an immediate value to the fleet's operational readiness and are quickly gaining our Sailors recognition as some of the best qualified information technology professionals in the Navy.

As a member of the NMCI team, Sailors progress through the enterprise developing information technology core competencies through help desk, base operations and network operations job assignments. An individual development plan is devised for each Sailor based on his or her knowledge and experience to ensure optimal progression through the enterprise.

Along with receiving real-world information technology experience and training, the NMCI Detachments also provide Sailors with the unique opportunity of attaining industry standard certifications from leading organizations, such as the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), Microsoft and Cisco.

Created as a win-win partnership between EDS, the primary contractor, and the Navy, there are tremendous benefits for all involved. Sailors receive state-of the-art information technology training and certifications, and EDS receives knowledgeable technicians integrated into its workforce, and ultimately, the Navy returns Sailors to sea as well-trained network systems administrators fully capable of meeting fleet requirements.

The NMCI Detachments are collocated with the NMCI Network Operation Centers and help desks in Norfolk, Va., and San Diego, Calif. To qualify for assignment to this innovative program, Sailors must be motivated Information Systems Technicians who meet requirements of MILPERSMAN 1306-967, including the warfare qualification, Physical Readiness Test (PRT) standards and five years obligated service.

Go to Navy Knowledge Online: for more information, select Organization & Communities then select Organizations. The NMCI link is located under Programs or you can contact the personnel below.

Public Affairs Officer
NMCI Detachment Norfolk, Va.
DSN (312) 646-2126 or (757) 963-1105

Senior Enlisted Leader
NMCI Detachment San Diego, Calif.
(619) 522 -5564

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Sailors receiving valuable training. Shown here are NMCI network monitoring administrators, IT1(SW/AW) James Ruffin, IT1(SW) Eric Young and IT2(SW) Rebecca Manns.
MS Exchange administrator IT2(SW) Rondy Pringle.
Windows 2000 administrators, IT1(SW/AW) Candice Rook and IT2(SW) Jason Dennis.
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