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CHIPS Articles: Starling Assumes Command of NETWARCOM

Starling Assumes Command of NETWARCOM
By MC1 (SW/AW) Corey T. Lewis and MC2(SW) Christopher Koons, Naval Network Warfare Command Public Affairs - July-September 2007
Vice Adm. H. Denby Starling II relieved Vice Adm. James D. McArthur Jr. as commander of Naval Network Warfare Command (NETWARCOM) June 15 in a ceremony at Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Va.

Commander U.S. Fleet Forces Command Adm. Gary Roughead, who presided over the ceremony, described NETWARCOM as a vital component of today's naval force.

"The value of NETWARCOM cannot be overstated. As the global force provider, I'm in the position to see the demand signal that combatant commanders and naval component commanders are placing on our Navy. Clearly, computer network defense, computer network attack and information operations are at the top of their list of concerns. The sphere of influence of this command is truly extraordinary."

Roughead also praised NETWARCOM's staff for their confidence and commitment.

"Your work here is essential to what we do throughout our Navy. It allows us to maintain our edge and provides us with the force we need to deter aggressors and defeat them when necessary."

Roughead presented McArthur with the Distinguished Service Medal and described him as a solid and inspiring leader.

Since assuming command of NETWARCOM in March 2004, one of McArthur's major accomplishments was realignment of all information-related missions under one command and the establishment of NETWARCOM as the central authority for operations of Navy networks. During his farewell speech, McArthur said that he is proud of everything NETWARCOM's staff has accomplished during his tenure.

Starling pledged to carry on McArthur's tradition of excellence. "I look forward to continuing to build upon the solid foundation (McArthur) put in place at NETWARCOM.

"NETWARCOM is at the forefront of where the next fight will begin, or has perhaps already begun, out there in cyberspace. You are engaged in the fight against the enemy 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year," Starling said.

Vice Adm. H. Denby Starling II
Vice Adm. H. Denby Starling II
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