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CHIPS Articles: Business Transformation Agency Visits U.S. Strategic Command

Business Transformation Agency Visits U.S. Strategic Command
By Greg Williams, Business Transformation Agency - January-March 2008
OFFUTT AFB, NE. – Oct. 16, 2007. Business transformation needs of the Unified Combatant Commands were again on the agenda for the Defense Business Transformation Agency (BTA) Director David M. Fisher and BTA senior leaders Sept. 18 at the U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM). This meeting was the second such dialogue that the BTA leadership has initiated with one of the ten Unified Combatant Commands.

The mission of USSTRATCOM is to provide the nation with global deterrence capabilities and synchronized Department of Defense (DoD) effects to combat adversary weapons of mass destruction worldwide and enable decisive global kinetic and non-kinetic combat effects through the application and advocacy of integrated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR); space and global strike operations; information operations; integrated missile defense and robust command and control.

The agenda for this engagement was focused on understanding USSTRATCOM's command priorities and gaining deeper understanding of the business mission of personnel, logistics, finance and program management at the enterprise level of a combatant command. Also, Fisher described the BTA mission, to guide the transformation of business operations throughout the DoD and to deliver enterprise-level capabilities that align to warfighter needs.

"We are seeing consistencies in the business enterprise challenges at the combatant commands, and they align with the BTA's mission," said Fisher. "The demand for data standards and interoperability are quite apparent in the joint environment of a combatant command regardless if it is a business mission or a warfighter mission."

Accompanying Mr. Fisher were BTA's Director of Investment Management, Paul Ketrick; Director of Enterprise Integration, Prashant Gaur; Director of the Office of Warfighter Support, Andrew S. Haeuptle; and Defense Business Systems Acquisition Executive, Maj. Gen. Carlos "Butch" Pair.

The BTA leadership team also spent time in the Global Innovation and Strategy Center (GISC) at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. This center provides USSTRATCOM with access to vast resources in academia and the private sector to provide relevant nontraditional information in solving difficult problems facing the USSTRATCOM mission.

"USSTRATCOM is trying to define how DoD will conduct war in the future," Gaur said. "BTA is defining how DoD will conduct business in the future."

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