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CHIPS Articles: NMCI Recognized by CIO Magazine as CIO 100 Award Honoree

NMCI Recognized by CIO Magazine as CIO 100 Award Honoree
By CHIPS Magazine - July-September 2010
International Data Group's CIO magazine announced June 1 that the Department of the Navy's (DON) Navy Marine Corps Intranet is a 2010 CIO 100 recipient. This recognition is based on NMCI's advancements in multi-layered Information Assurance (IA) capabilities and proven cyber-readiness due to the upgrade of classified services that meet the command and control (C2) support requirements of the DON.

The 23rd annual award program recognizes organizations around the world that exemplify the highest level of operational and strategic excellence in information technology.

"This year's CIO 100 awards draws well-deserved attention to companies that are not only innovating with IT but creating genuine business value as well," said Maryfran Johnson, editor in chief of CIO magazine and events. "These winning companies and their IT organizations are an inspiration to businesses everywhere."

The CIO 100 recognizes NMCI for the enterprise-wide IT advancements in IA and computer network defense capabilities that have enabled the DON to maintain a high level of security across the enterprise.

To consolidate and ensure network security, NMCI reduced the number of legacy applications migrated into the enterprise network and provided an improved environment to ensure their security accreditation and subsequent safe operation. NMCI reduced the number of legacy applications on the network from 33,000 to 9,000 approved applications. Today, more than 744 legacy networks have been transitioned.

Additionally, NMCI has evolved to meet expanded Navy requirements in the area of operational support for the fleet and C2 by upgrading the level of its classified services, providing greater capabilities for hosting C2 applications, agility in responding to fleet operational commanders, and providing high performance and security.

One of the strategic accomplishments was the successful implementation of the Maritime Operations Centers. MOC capabilities include a full range of military operations and enhanced response level for services both at the classified and unclassified levels, providing voice, video and data. Each of the MOCs are enabled to host approximately 20 C2 applications used to support and enhance performance of the fleet mission.

"NMCI is honored to be counted among the 2010 CIO 100 award winners," said Capt. Scott Weller, program manager for NMCI/ONE-Net. "This award recognizes the innovative approaches that the Navy Marine Corps Intranet has implemented as the first-of-its kind unified, flexible and functional IT platform that has helped the DON move to secure net-centric operations — business to battlespace. Today, NMCI is a stable, flexible, cost-effective, and most of all, secure IT platform for more than 700,000 Sailors, Marines and civilians in the continental United States, Hawaii and Japan. NMCI, with the prime vendor — HP, built NMCI into the largest intranet in the world — a massive transformation effort."

The NMCI has become the largest intranet in the world, connecting nearly 700,000 users on more than 360,000 workstations and laptops in more than 3,000 locations from major bases in the United States and Japan to single-person offices such as recruiting stations. NMCI has 24/7 enterprise level service with four Network Operations Centers, 52 server farms and three service desks.

NMCI's security posture is one of the strongest in the DON. It is the only Department of Defense network to have completely implemented and enforced the DoD cryptographic logon (CLO) mandate. The network has been able to quickly adapt to meet new cyber threats and meets Joint Task Force–Global Network Operations security standards.

The recipients of this year's CIO 100 award were selected through a three-step process. First, companies submitted an online application detailing their innovative IT and business initiatives. Next, a team of judges reviewed the applications in depth, looking for unique practices and substantial results. Finally, CIO editors reviewed the judges' recommendations and voted on the final 100. Once the top 100 honorees were selected, several honorees were chosen to receive an additional special award. The recipients of this special award will be revealed at the CIO 100 awards ceremony at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., Aug. 24 at the conclusion of the 12th annual CIO 100 Symposium and Awards Ceremony.

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