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CHIPS Articles: USSPACECOM Commander’s Conference: Leaders from all the Services discuss protection, defense of space domain

USSPACECOM Commander’s Conference: Leaders from all the Services discuss protection, defense of space domain
By U.S. Space Command Public Affairs Office - April 13, 2021
PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo., – U.S. Army Gen. James Dickinson hosted a conference March 30-31 gathering his primary and special staff, component commands, national agency representatives and other key leaders to discuss issues important to U.S. Space Command. Topics discussed included Dickinson’s recently published Commander’s Strategic Vision, which outlines the mission and key tasks of our nation’s newest combatant command. Additionally, throughout the conference, each attending component presented their planned operations, activities and investment.

“As the environment changes to reflect shifts in the geopolitical landscape, I will continue to hold these conferences to refine the mission with the command’s leaders and subordinate commanders,” Dickinson said. “Together, we will ensure our space warfighters are prepared to protect and defend the space domain from those who attempt to hold U.S. and allied systems at risk.”

The conference also brought in several guest speakers, including Russia and China subject matters experts and P.W. Singer, an American political scientist, international relations scholar and specialist on 21st century warfare.

“Technological advances and new security challenges require USSPACECOM to rapidly innovate and adapt to outpace and outmaneuver rising threats,” Dickinson added. “USSPACECOM will work with academia and other organizations to ensure our warfighters understand our competition to compete and win if necessary.”

Leaders from USSPACECOM’s component commands — Combined Forces Space Component Command, Joint Task Force-Space Defense, U.S. Space Force’s Space Operations Command, U.S. Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command, U.S. Navy Space, Marine Forces Space Command and 1st Air Force — gave updates on their respective organizations and their contributions to USSPACECOM’s mission of ensuring there is never a day without space.

As part of the command’s continuous effort to integrate with interagency organizations, representatives from National Defense University, the National Reconnaissance Office, the Space Rapid Capabilities Office and the National Air and Space Intelligence Center also participated in the conference.

A highlight of the conference was the recognition of 16 individuals from across the command, including service components and subordinate units. These “Stars of USSPACECOM” were recognized as top performers in their organizations and were presented commander’s coins for their exceptional contributions to the mission.

Starting April 13, USSPACECOM will feature the service members on Twitter and Facebook.

Senior officers gather for a group photo during the 2021 U.S. Space Command Commander's Conference on March 30 at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado.
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