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CHIPS Articles: Marine Corps issues MARADMIN 177/21 to solicit applicants for DoD DevSecOps competitive initiative

Marine Corps issues MARADMIN 177/21 to solicit applicants for DoD DevSecOps competitive initiative
By Brig. Gen. Lorna M. Mahlock, Director, Information C4 Division, Deputy Commandant for Information - April 2, 2021
R 312110Z MAR 21
  • REF/A/MSGID: DOC/Software Acquisition Pathway Interim Policy and Procedures/USD A&S/20200103//
  • REF/B/MSGID: DOC/DOD Enterprise DEVSECOPS Reference Design/DODCIO/YMD: 20190812//
  • REF/C/MSGID: DOC/Designation of Enterprise Service Provider for DEVSECOPS /DODCIO/YMD: 20200522//
  • REF/D/MSGID: DOC/Marine Corps Enterprise Network Modernization Plan /DODCIO/YMD: 2020055//

NARR/REF A, Software Acquisition Pathway Interim Policy and Procedures, simplifies the acquisition model to enable continuous integration and delivery of software capability on timelines relevant to the warfighter or end user. REF B, DOD Enterprise DEVSECOPS Reference Design, describes the DEVSECOPS lifecycle, supporting pillars, and DEVSECOPS ecosystem; lists the tools and activities for DEVSECOPS software factory and ecosystem; introduces the DOD Enterprise DEVSECOPS Container Service that provides a hardened DEVSECOPS environment with tools and deployment templates to the program application DEVSECOPS teams; and showcases a sampling of Software Factory reference designs and application security operations.

This DOD Enterprise DEVSECOPS reference design provides implementation and operational guidance to information technology capability providers, IT capability consumers, application teams, and authorizing officials. REF C, designation of enterprise service provider for DEVSECOPS, is a DOD CIO Memorandum Designating Department of Defense Platform One as an approved DEVSECOPS service provider that is in compliance with REF B, and directly relates to the Enterprise Service Provider capability description in REF A.

REF D, Marine Corps Enterprise Network Modernization Plan, implements strategic guidance and direction, including the 38TH Commandant’s Planning Guidance, DOD CIO capability planning guidance, DOD Digital Modernization Strategy, DOD Joint Information Environment (JIE) Vision, DON Information Superiority Vision, Marine Corps Information Enterprise Environment Blueprint, and Marine Corps Capabilities Based Assessment results in order to modernize the Marine Corps Enterprise Network.

1. PURPOSE. This message provides information and solicits applicants for a competitive 6-month residency program with DoD Platform One and the DoD DevSecOps initiative. This program is intended to build a cadre of DevSecOps users and professionals to accelerate DevSecOps adoption and capabilities within the Marine Corps, and directly supports guidance in Ref 1.

Legacy software acquisition and development practices in the DoD do not provide the agility to deploy new software “at the speed of operations.” In addition, security is often an afterthought, not built in from the beginning of the lifecycle of the application and underlying infrastructure. DevSecOps is the industry best practice for rapid, secure software development. DevSecOps is an organizational software engineering culture and practice that unifies software development (Dev), security (Sec) and operations (Ops). The main characteristics of DevSecOps are automation, monitoring, and security application in all phases of the software lifecycle: plan, develop, build, test, release, deliver, deploy, operate, and monitor. In DevSecOps, testing and security are conducted earlier in the development process through automated unit, functional, integration, and security testing — this is a key DevSecOps differentiator since security and functional capabilities are tested and built simultaneously.


2.a. Prospective candidates are military and civilian personnel from Deputy Commandant Information, Information Command, Control Communications and Computers (IC4), Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC), Technology Services Organization (TSO), Marine Forces Cyber Command (MFCC). These individuals will be working in one or more of the following subject matter areas:

2.a.1. Software Development

2.a.2. Product Management

2.a.3. User Centric Design

2.a.4. Cybersecurity

2.a.5. Acquisitions/Contracting

2.b. Selected program residents will be full time employees at DoD Platform One, and will work on one of the various Value Streams at Platform One: Big Bang, Party Bus, Iron Bank, CNAP, Cyber, or Acquisitions. Program residents will learn and participate in the best application development practices, learn to use, manage, and build DevSecOps pipelines, and develop an appreciation of the importance of user centric design in product development.

Program residents with a cybersecurity background, will develop a deeper understanding of how cybersecurity is executed in accordance with the Ref B, will learn more about how Platform One manages its continuous Authority to Operate (cATO), and learn how to accredit mission applications using the Risk Management Framework. Program residents with acquisitions and contracting experience will learn more about how to leverage alternative acquisition pathways like Basic Ordering Agreements (BOAs), Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) and others to drive digital acquisitions and leverage the Adaptive Acquisitions Framework. Platform One employs agile program management techniques to enable the acquisition and scaling of talent, software licenses, and cloud services to DoD Programs of Record.


3.a. All applications should be submitted at, between 15 March and 30 April, 2021. Interviews will be conducted from 3 to 14 May, 2021, and offers will be sent to selected residents by 21 May, 2021. Prospective residents and their supervisors must confirm their seat NLT 28 May. Confirmed selectees will receive an acceptance letter from the Platform One Material Leader. Residency start date is 14 June 2021. Application requirements (from the platform one residency website) are outlined below:

3.a.1. Write a single page Letter of Intent detailing your: Background, Experiences, Interests and goals, WHY this opportunity is important to you in further developing your DevSecOps knowledge, and What weapon or IT systems you hope to support in the future? Include your current branch of service and unit information on letter.

3.a.2. Fill out skills matrix spreadsheet (N/A to Acquisitions/Contracting) found at

3.a.3. You must upload the email with approval from your supervisor and the POCs listed in this message in your submission. Supervisors must be commanders and Officers in Charge for military personnel and GS-15 or equivalent supervisory position for civilian applications. Supervisor approval is required to participate in this program. 3.a.5. Ensure you include your job preference, and preferred alue Stream (Big Bang, Party Bus, Iron Bank, CNAP, Cyber, or Acquisitions) See https:(slash)(slash) for details.


4.a. Selected applicants will be accounted for by their current chain of command, under normal reporting requirements. Supervisors will continue to account for fellowship residents on their morning report.

4.b. Selected applicants will remain within their regular reporting chain for accountability and performance evaluation. Fitness Reports will be written by current supervisor/appropriate individual in the Marine’s chain of command.

5. COORDINATING INSTRUCTIONS. Selected applicants must be able to start the six month residency on 14 June, 2021 and have concurrence from their supervisor. The program will last for 6 months, and will be 100% Remote. There are no TDY costs associated with the residency. Applicants must have at least 6 months left at their current duty station to be eligible to apply. There is no payback tour incurred by participating in this opportunity.

SEAN KAISER/MAJ/UNIT: DC IC4/TEL: 571-256-9096//

7. APPLICABILITY. This message is applicable to the total force.

8. Release authorized by BGen L.M. Mahlock, Director, Information C4 Division, Deputy Commandant for Information.//

You can download MARADMIN 177/21 here.

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