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CHIPS Articles: MARFORCYBER Sets Example in COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

MARFORCYBER Sets Example in COVID-19 Vaccination Drive
Maintaining Readiness, Protecting Fellow Marines
By Lance Cpl. Sixto Castro, Defense Media Activity - Marines - March 30, 2021
FORT GEORGE G MEADE, MARYLAND – “We have a duo role as private citizens and that as an example for the population at large,” said Marine Maj. Rodney Ebersole after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. “So For me, I set an example for my family and I set an example for the nation if I’m willing to take something that there’s a lot of misinformation and disinformation about.”

Marines with the Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command (MARFORCYBER) received the Covid-19 vaccine at the McGill Training Center on Fort George G. Meade March 08, 2021, to combat the pandemic.

According to the current National Strategy for the Covid-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness, all vaccinations are being conducted on a volunteer basis. While there are many different reasons Marines are choosing to receive the vaccine, many of them expressed a desire to not only protect themselves but the Marines around them.

“Main reason why I got the vaccine was to protect friends, family, [and] especially coworkers,” said Cpl. Bailey Lesher. “There was some slight hesitation, just because of how fast the vaccine was developed but again, [I] kind of prioritized protecting other people.”

Maj. Ebersole, the MARFORCYBER COVID task force lead, notes how larger units, like MARFORCYBER, have an obligation to provide assistance to small units who may have a more difficult time getting vaccinated.

“It comes down to the simple fact that Marines take care of Marines. While you have all these traditional Marine Corps units where you have a very logical process flow, you have bases where you have a bunch of different entities that may or not be accounted for by the normal supply or logistic chain. That’s where I think MARFORCYBER has a role to ensure that either we’re providing those vaccines, or ensuring that the plan is being matched.”

After receiving the vaccine, Marine Cpt. Anthony Glassford spoke about how he hopes things will be in the near future.

“I miss being able to shake people’s hands, and that was a big thing we had to do away with the 6 feet social distance, but also being able to get back to normal ops, and feel normal again pre-Covid,” said Glassford.

The Marines at MARFORCYBER will receive their second rounds of vaccinations at a later date, but for now Marine Maj. Ishmael Lara spoke on how he hoped his actions today would convince others to volunteer to vaccinate sooner rather than later for the safety of others.

“As Marines, we have a philosophy of being ready when the nation is least ready,” said Lara. “My part as a Marine is to do those things to get me ready in order to fight the fight.”

For more information about technology occupations in the Marine Corps, visit Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command at or @MARFORCYBER

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