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CHIPS Articles: DoD Cloud Computing Center Now Online

DoD Cloud Computing Center Now Online
By CHIPS Magazine - March 23, 2021
Acting Department of Defense Chief Information Officer John Sherman announced on Twitter the DoD Cloud Computing Program Office is now online to provide assistance and information.

It has been a year since the Defense Information Systems Agency, and many Department of Defense components, transitioned to a maximum telework to minimize the risk of the coronavirus spreading into the workplace.

The DoD had to quickly develop a solution to continue to maintain mission readiness, collaborate internally and externally, and connect and protect the warfighter in cyberspace. The workforce needed a collaboration tool that was accessible from government-furnished equipment and personal devices, and they needed it fast to remain secure and productive.

To address this urgent need, DISA partnered with the DoD Chief Information Office’s Cloud Computing Program Office. CCPO offers expertise in providing digital and cloud-based innovations and solutions at speed. Working as a team, DISA and CCPO determined that a commercial capability platform was the best solution to address the mass telework requirement during the pandemic.

Thus the Commercial Virtual Remote Environment was launched. CVR provided users with the collaboration capabilities they needed, such as chat and video conferencing, when teleworking utilizing the Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet).

With the right tools in place, the focus shifted to getting CVR out to the millions of military members around the world and to the civilians and contractors who support them. DISA helped CCPO with onboarding by working through the email routing and in the download of users into the CVR user database for provisioning.

Within a matter of weeks, CCPO was able to provision more than 1 million users onto CVR, DISA said in February.

“CVR obliterated the myth that it requires years to deploy a capability to the entire department,” said Sharon Woods, CCPO executive director who added, “Although this was an IT effort, its success ultimately comes down to people.”

DISA provisioned CCPO as a new standalone center Jan. 31, 2021, when it transitioned to the agency from the DoD Chief Information Office.

CCPO’s move to DISA is not a new idea, according to the DoD CIO. Initially set up as a non-traditional office under DoD CIO, the department always intended for CCPO to transition to DISA when the time was right. Over the last two years, CCPO has grown to a mature operations and program office, which is the reason the decision was made to transition CCPO to DISA.

DoD Cloud Computing Program Office

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