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CHIPS Articles: Preliminary Draft for 5G Cybersecurity Open for Comment

Preliminary Draft for 5G Cybersecurity Open for Comment
By CHIPS Magazine - February 23, 2021
The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology has posted a preliminary draft—the first of three volumes of an upcoming practice guide on 5G cybersecurity. This practice guide can benefit organizations operating or using 5G networks, as well as network operators and equipment vendors, and may be of particular interest to the telecommunications and public safety communities, NIST officials said in a release. By releasing each volume of the practice guide as a preliminary draft, NIST hopes to share the progress made to date, use the feedback received to shape future volumes of the practice guide, and feature the latest 5G technologies and practices that organizations can use as they transition to 5G.

Fifth generation technology for broadband cellular networks – or 5G will significantly improve how individuals and machines communicate, operate, and interact in the physical and virtual world, NIST said. 5G offers increased bandwidth and capacity, and low latency, which will benefit private and public organizations as well as individual consumers. As 5G technologies increase, cybersecurity professionals are focused on safeguarding this new technology while 5G continues to evolve.

NCCoE scientists and engineers are in an early stage of designing and building a solution, and will demonstrate how operators and users of 5G networks can mitigate 5G cybersecurity risks. This is accomplished by strengthening the system’s architectural components, providing a secure cloud-based supporting infrastructure, and enabling the security features introduced in the 5G standards, NIST explained. These measures support common use cases and meet industry’s recommended cybersecurity practices and compliance requirements. As the project progresses, this preliminary draft will be updated, and additional volumes will also be released for comment, according to NIST.

Preliminary Draft SP 1800-33A

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