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CHIPS Articles: Leveraging Data to Drive Decision Advantage: Jupiter Data Innovation Framework Supports COVID-19 Tracing

Leveraging Data to Drive Decision Advantage: Jupiter Data Innovation Framework Supports COVID-19 Tracing
By Office of the DON Chief Data Officer - January-March 2021
The need for Department of Defense organizations to exploit organizational and mission data to make timely and accurate decisions at the speed of the mission has never been more prevalent than it is today. The Department of the Navy (DON) faces the enormous challenge of effectively gathering, prioritizing, and exploiting the vast amount of data generated within the DON to provide maximum benefit to mission decision-making and to optimize the agility, lethality, and operational readiness of the warfighter. To do so effectively, we must strive to treat data as a strategic, mission-essential asset that is ready and cultivated for exploitation by humans and machines alike.

To address our existing data challenges and accelerate our journey to advanced analytical capabilities at scale, the DON has implemented Jupiter, the Naval Enterprise Data & Analytics Environment. Jupiter provides mission value by providing visibility and access to DON data, along with modern toolsets to transform raw information into decision-ready insights.

To guide the continued maturation of the Jupiter platform and enterprise analytical capabilities overall, the DON Chief Data Officer (DON CDO) has developed a Data Innovation Framework, as shown in Figure 1, based on industry best practices around human-centered innovation and design. This framework defines a structured approach to Jupiter use case execution that transforms key questions into mission-relevant analytical products and builds reusable, sharable data assets along the way. Key questions are, simply, questions that DON personnel have that are supportive of mission outcomes that can be explored and answered using data.

The DON CDO leverages this framework to anchor the exploration and exploitation of DON data that bolsters data-driven decision making across the Warfighting, Business, and Readiness pillars. The first “diamond” focuses on the definition and initial discovery of Jupiter use cases and serves to validate decision context, mission relevance, operational value, and data footprints across the DON.

The second “diamond” focuses on the execution of agile development sprints by multi-disciplinary teams of product owners, designers, data scientists, and data engineers to rapidly achieve an analytical minimum viable product (MVP). Customers and consumers provide feedback throughout the process to improve the usability of user-facing products, incorporate new data, and fine-tune algorithms – all of which are captured as features that are prioritized for incorporation in future releases.

As one example of a high-impact use case, the DON CDO is working with Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) stakeholders to create a comprehensive Readiness Watchfloor Dashboard supporting COVID-19 analytics. CNO stakeholders needed a robust mechanism to ingest and visualize a breadth of information from across the DON to drive executive decision-making on our coordinated global response to COVID-19, including daily updates on active COVID-19 cases, personnel quarantines, and the availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). (See Figure 2.)

In collaboration with CNO stakeholders, the DON CDO developed an end-to-end data pipeline to structure and integrate disparate datasets that feed both CNO and Joint Service COVID-19 analytical efforts. By leveraging the Jupiter use case process, CNO was able to establish near-real time, automated data feeds and interactive visualizations that enable consistent reporting and exploration of the impact and response to COVID-19 outbreaks across DoD and DON.

The DON CDO welcomes additional use cases for Jupiter and stands ready to support all DON stakeholders in achieving their data and analytics goals. Future articles will detail a series of use cases that illustrate the breadth of opportunity to leverage Jupiter capabilities to create decision advantage at the speed of the mission.

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Figure 1: Data Innovation Framework
Figure 2: Overview of Jupiter Readiness Watchfloor Dashboard Workflow
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