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CHIPS Articles: DoD Releases US Industrial Capabilities Report

DoD Releases US Industrial Capabilities Report
By CHIPS Magazine - January 15, 2021
The Department of Defense released the Fiscal Year 2020 Industrial Capabilities Report Jan. 14.

The FY20 Industrial Capabilities Report transcribes the defense department’s priority industrial base risks and vulnerabilities; major developments and impacts of the coronavirus pandemic; and industrial base investments and initiatives executed in the previous fiscal year.

The report promotes a strategy for a robust, resilient, secure, and innovative industrial base, which will require a substantial commitment of capital investment and resources, and continuation of the reforms undertaken in the past several years.

The report is co-signed by the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment.

The report calls for conscious, difficult decisions and investments to repair and modernize America’s defense industrial base, including the need for a larger reshoring of American manufacturing as a whole.

The conclusion states: “The Department of Defense, the President, and the Congress can – and must – join to reduce America’s vulnerabilities, increase its security, and provide the resources for an industrial renaissance that will lift up the economic prospects and dignity of millions of ordinary Americans.

“Today we see more clearly than ever what America must do to restore and sustain its vital defense industrial base. The elements for a comprehensive defense industrial strategy are all in place. Now must come the hard work of making that “robust, resilient, and innovative industrial base” a reality – for our women and men in uniform in the 21st century and for all Americans.”

The full report can be viewed here and accompanying infographics, shown at right, can be found here and here.

Defense Industrial Strategy for America - Industrial Capabilities Report January 2021. DoD infographic
DoD U.S. Defense Industrial Base infographic - Industrial Capabilities Report January 2021
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