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CHIPS Articles: Marine Corps Director of Intelligence Releases Requirements for CY21 Intelligence Community, National Counterintelligence and Security Professional Awards

Marine Corps Director of Intelligence Releases Requirements for CY21 Intelligence Community, National Counterintelligence and Security Professional Awards
By CHIPS Magazine - January 13, 2021
MARADMIN 009/21 solicits Marine Corps nominations and outlines submission requirements for the CY21 IC National CI and Security Professional Awards. These awards are sponsored by the National CI and Security Center (NCSC). The deadline for nominations is 29 January 2021. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Criteria. These awards are for those individuals or teams throughout the IC who, through exceptional accomplishments or service, enhance the standing and stature of professions, functions, and disciplines that support CI and security missions. All nominations must be for actions worked or completed during the time period from 01 Jan 20 through 31 Dec 20. Nominations for all categories will be assessed according to the following criteria.

Innovation, Creativity, and Originality. The nominee applied new or improved ways/solutions to resolve or provide new insights into critical issues; made novel organizational improvements; designed and implemented new or cutting-edge programs or processes; or instituted activities or processes that promoted positive change. This category may also include descriptions of adverse conditions overcome during the mission.

Integration and Information Sharing. The nominee shared knowledge or information to achieve results that would not have otherwise been realized; built, leveraged, or led effective networks and alliances with key peers and stakeholders across the IC, in other government or private sector organizations, or professional/technical disciplines to achieve significant joint/multi-agency mission outcomes; or integrated joint/multi-agency activities effectively exercising collaborative plans that realize mutual IC, joint, or multi-organizational goals.

Impact. The nominee achieved remarkable outcomes that support organizational goals and objectives; maximized available or strategically used limited resources to realize organizational goals and objectives; or achieved outcomes and results that are superior in quality, quantity, and/or impact to what would ordinarily be expected.

Awards Categories.
CI Operations.
CI Investigations.
CI Collection.
CI Analysis.
Countering Technical and Cyber Threats.
Insider Threat Detection.
Personnel Security.
Physical and Technical Security.
Information Security.
Industrial Security.
Supply Chain Protection.

Nomination and Submission Process. Each command may submit one nomination per individual and team for each award category. For the purposes of this message, a command is defined as any element commanded by an O-6 or above. Submit awards directly to Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC), Deputy Commandant, Information, Intelligence Division with, at a minimum, an O-6 endorsement.

Suitability Checks. Individual and all team member nominees must have an annual evaluation or fitness report in the middle or upper third of reporting senior average and must not have any disciplinary, adverse, or administrative action taken or pending against them at the time of nomination, for the period of nomination, and up to and including the date of the presentation of the award. After winners are selected, a final suitability check will be performed to confirm there have been no changes in the nominee suitability.

A completed nomination package includes:
(1) An ODNI nomination form 655-06;
(2) MS Word nomination template consisting at a minimum, a summary of achievements and award citation.
(3) The excel team list template, if applicable

All templates for nominations are stored on the Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Community of Practice SharePoint on SIPRNet at:

Templates are stored in the community documents folder and may also be requested from the point of contacts identified below.

Nomination Checklist

  • Complete Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) form 655-06.
  • Complete CY21 IC National CI and Security Professional Awards nomination template. Must be in MS Word format.

If submitting a team nomination, in addition to Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) form 655-06 and the CY21 IC National CI and Security Professional Awards nomination template, the team list template must be completed and team lead POC and alternate team lead POC contact information must be provided to include agency, phone number and email address.

In addition:

  • Conduct and certify a suitability check was completed for each individual and all team nominees.
  • Include correct name spelling for individuals and all team members.
  • Classify the nomination package correctly and appropriately portion mark the content.
  • Provide an unclassified draft citation of 50 words or less.
  • Ensure the nomination is submitted to the HQMC Director of Intelligence.
  • Prepare a Microsoft Word version of your nomination for submission.
  • Ensure all nominated contractors are serving under a contract that is NOT a DoD Contract.
  • Submit only one individual and one team nomination per category per organization.

Selection and Presentation Process. The IC National CI and Security Professional Awards Program Review Board will make their selections by the end of April 2021. Winners Announcement Memo signed by Director, NCSC and winners will be notified by HQMC Intelligence Department by May 2021. The awards ceremony is June 2021.

Description of Awards. All winners will receive a lapel pin. Individual winners will receive an award certificate, a citation, and a medallion. The National CI and Security Center will not replace broken, stolen, or lost medallions.

Winning teams will receive an award certificate, a citation, a medallion for the command who submitted the nomination, and an award certificate and citation for each team member.

Honorable Mentions will be selected if the IC National CI and Security Professional Awards Review Board chooses Honorable Mentions for recognition. The Honorable Mentions will be recognized in an attachment via the Director, NCSC’s formal notification memorandum announcing the 2021 awards winners.

POC for Award Submissions. Mrs. Allison Gibbons, HQMC, Intelligence Department (Code: CIH) at (unclassified submissions) or (classified submissions). Or Gunnery Sergeant Nicholas C. Rivera, HQMC, Intelligence Division (Code: CIH) at (unclassified submissions) or (classified submissions).

MARADMIN 009/21 release authorized by Brig. Gen. M.G. Carter, Director of Intelligence, U.S. Marine Corps.

U.S. Marines convoy to defensive positions at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, Calif., Dec. 7. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Stephanie Cervantes/Released
A U.S. Marine fires his M4 carbine during a combat marksmanship training event aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island (LHD 8), Dec. 19. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Mackenzie Binion/Released
An MV-22B Osprey comes in for a landing at the flight line at Camp Soumagahara, Japan, Dec. 3. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Branden Bourque/Released
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