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CHIPS Articles: NAVSUP Business Systems Center Delivers Interactive Inventory Accountability Dashboard

NAVSUP Business Systems Center Delivers Interactive Inventory Accountability Dashboard
By James E. Foehl, Naval Supply Systems Command Business Systems Center Public Affairs - December 14, 2020
MECHANICSBURG, Pa. -- Information Technology Specialists at Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Business Systems Center (BSC) deployed an interactive business intelligence dashboard to improve commercial and organic inventory accountability of parts for NAVSUP Weapon Systems Center (WSS), October 30.

“This project demonstrates our team’s vital role in utilizing data as a strategic asset to improve end-to-end supply chain readiness,” said Capt. Gene Cash, commanding officer, NAVSUP BSC. “NAVSUP BSC is uniquely positioned to deliver logistics information technology solutions that improve data-driven decision-making, and increase warfighting capability and readiness for the Navy.”

The dashboard is designed to streamline distribution and analysis of inventory audit data from budget submission offices (BSO) by providing users the data in a centralized, easy-to-use, interactive display.

“NAVSUP WSS Inventory Operations Center (IOC) needed a real-time, interactive dashboard for analysts to provide auditable reports and inventory accountability at commercial and organic sites,” said Mike Leedy, project manager, Data/Analytics Solutions department, NAVSUP BSC.

“The IOC dashboard fulfills these requirements and allows analysts to quickly drill down into data from various BSOs, see on-hand inventory reporting from BSO sites, stock-in-transit information from Navy Enterprise Resource Planning, and measure repair capability,” said Leedy.

The dashboard displays key inventory accountability information, including oversight-testing results from multiple fiscal years, end-of-year audit results, 100% physical inventory results, on-hand inventory, and related financial values.

“These key metrics permit stakeholders to monitor performance and progress for Navy Working Capital Fund – Supply Management (NWCF-SM) initiatives,” said Nestor Nieves, IOC dashboard lead, NAVSUP WSS. “The metrics depicted in the dashboard are being evaluated by all echelons, BSOs, and commercial vendors who provide support to the Navy. By monitoring performance metrics, each NWCF-SM stakeholder can leverage the information to inform their respective remediation plans, and meet any contractual obligations.”

The IOC team was established in 2019 and is responsible for improving and standardizing the audit of NWCF-SM inventory at organic inventory warehouse management sites, commercial sites, organic U.S. Navy repair sites, and shipyards.

“As of October 31, there is $38.8 billion of NWCF-SM inventory held in more than 1,000 plants across the globe. The IOC dashboard provides a level of transparency required to make substantive improvements in materiel accountability,” said Nieves.

Dashboard deployment was the first step of a multi-phased project and serves as the foundation for building out future data-analytic requirements to improve and standardize audit readiness.

“Our experts created the dashboard utilizing robust business intelligence capabilities of Navy Data Platform and Netezza Performance Server. This provided a reusable construct that can increase the speed of delivery for future requirements throughout the NAVSUP Enterprise,” said Angel Rodriguez, project engagement lead, Data/Analytics Solution department, NAVSUP BSC.

Future enhancements that drill down further into data are currently being developed for the IOC dashboard.

“Once completed, the IOC dashboard will provide a vehicle where all key performance data directly related to audit will be in one place,” said Nieves. “It will give us the opportunity to set goals and objectives while tracking progress across multiple fiscal years.”

NAVSUP BSC provides the Navy with information systems support through the design, development, and maintenance of systems in the functional areas of logistics, supply chain management, transportation, finance, and accounting and is one of 11 commands under Commander, NAVSUP.

NAVSUP is headquartered in Mechanicsburg and employs a diverse, worldwide workforce of more than 22,500 military and civilian personnel. NAVSUP's mission is to provide supplies, services, and quality-of-life support to the Navy and joint warfighter.

For more information about NAVSUP BSC visit,

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