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CHIPS Articles: Vice Adm. Norton Shares DISA Drumbeat

Vice Adm. Norton Shares DISA Drumbeat
By Vice Adm. Nancy A. Norton, DISA Director - November 17, 2020
Greetings friends, colleagues and mission partners,

Seven months ago, none of us could have imagined that the novel coronavirus disease 2019 would have a sustained effect on the way we do business in 2020. However, the pandemic has given us all the opportunity to reflect on how we can best achieve our missions in a new posture, and there is no question that some of those changes should be enduring. Readiness has been a priority for DISA – ensuring our own and enabling yours.

DISA personnel have worked diligently to procure, develop, maintain or advance the capabilities that have been critical to the Department of Defense throughout the pandemic. We have continued to live our ethos of Mission First, People Always and I am proud of the incredible feedback I have received from so many of you, expressing your appreciation for DISA’s support.

In the months ahead, we will continue to communicate and collaborate with you regularly through a variety of virtual engagements (including AFCEA TechNet Cyber, Dec. 1-3 and DISA Forecast to Industry, Dec. 3), until conditions allow us to resume in-person. We remain steadfast in our commitment to enable lethality across all warfighting domains in defense our nation. Together, we will reach the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, stronger, more agile and emboldened with the resiliency our missions demand.

Improving collaborations tools to support the mission

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our workforce has remained committed to our mission partners and the warfighter. The need to innovate has never been greater and our suite of classified and unclassified collaboration tools have never been more important.

DISA’s Defense Collaboration Services team to deploy Web Conference 2.2

Global Video Services enables unclassified voice capability

Reaching historic milestones

DISA is delivering on DoD’s mandate to lead the way as the department’s single service provider. This summer, we reached a historic milestone when 14 IT professionals from the Defense Technical Information Center joined DISA’s workforce. The Fourth Estate integration allows DoD to perform with greater efficiency and ensures the department is postured for maximum lethality at the tactical edge.

DISA welcomes new employees as a part of Fourth Estate Network Optimization effort

The National Background Investigative System Directorate recently deployed its first realization of the DevSecOps pipeline.

National Background Investigative System Directorate deploys Develop, Security, Operations pipeline

DISA announced our first production Other Transaction Authority awarded to an industry partner. We are transforming how DoD defends against web browser-based threats by moving non-mission-essential internet browsing off the endpoint to a cloud environment. It directly supports warfighters by providing cybersecurity within the cloud and protecting devices from exposure to direct threats.

DISA announces $198.9 million OTA award for Cloud Based Internet Isolation Program

DISA awarded a four-year task order to design and build the Joint Common Foundation Artificial Intelligence development environment for DoD’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC). The Systems Engineering, Technology, and Innovation contract provides JAIC with a flexible, agile and competitive environment designed to lower the barrier of entry for AI developers to DoD customers.

DISA awards $106 million prime integrator task order for JAIC Joint Common Foundation

SETI Fact Sheet

A strong warfighter requires information superiority

We are highlighting a paradigm shift within DoD. During my remarks at the Army Signal Conference, I discussed why information superiority is critical within cyberspace and the digital battlefield. We know adversaries actively seek to harm our nation, so a Zero Trust cybersecurity framework will limit data loss and enable greater collaboration with other federal, coalition and industry partners for missions ranging from combat operations to humanitarian assistance.

Norton outlines new cybersecurity model at Army Signal Conference

DISA releases summer edition Look Book

I encourage you to read the summer edition of our Look Book, which focuses on DISA’s efforts to maximize Emerging Technology.

DISA’s 2020 Summer Look Book

Trust in DISA – Mission First, People Always

At DISA, the mission always comes first. This is possible because we have the strongest, smartest minds in the business. We also promote a culture grounded in caring and compassion. These traits are indicative of our dedicated team. When a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment made headlines, one of our own stepped up to make a difference by volunteering with a nonprofit organization to make homemade face masks for donation to local health care workers.

DISA employee volunteers for face mask production project to benefit health care workers

I believe people are the heartbeat of the agency, and even though physical distancing measures currently prevents in-person gatherings and celebrations, recognizing personal achievements and historical milestones remains important … now more than ever. Whether we are saluting personal achievement, or honoring those who paved the way, measuring what matters is central to Duty that Inspires Service and Accountability.

Stay in touch

I encourage you to share information and provide feedback about events and other DISA outreach efforts to the Mission Partner Engagement Office, your DISA field office or liaison officer in your area.

We look forward to engaging with you, and thank you for your partnership, and we are all wishing you safety and health as we navigate through these uncertain times.

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Vice Adm. Nancy Norton Shares DISA Drumbeat
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