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CHIPS Articles: Marine Corps commandant directs activation of space service component

Marine Corps commandant directs activation of space service component
By Marine Corps Forces Space Command Communication Strategies and Operations Marine Corps Forces Space Command - November 16, 2020
OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb. , Nov. 13, 2020 — Gen. David H. Berger, Commandant of the Marine Corps, directed the activation of a new Marine Corps forces command subordinate to the newest unified combatant command, United States Space Command, effective Oct. 1, 2020.

Marine Corps Forces Space Command, created from the existing space expertise in Marine Corps Forces Strategic Command, will focus on providing space operational support to the Fleet Marine Force while building a convergence capability to increase warfighter lethality.

U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Matthew G. Glavy is the commander of MARFORSPACE. He is dual-hatted as the commander of Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command. Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, will initially serve as the home for MARFORSPACE.

“We have an incredible opportunity to create a synergy across the information environment based on our unique position within the naval and joint force," Glavy said. "Space and cyber are critical capabilities in the information environment that, when brought together, can provide a competitive advantage. Convergence requires flexible and interconnected teams focused on solving hard problems with speed. We cannot be successful in these technology-heavy domains without prioritizing people, ideas and things ... in that order.”

While Glavy commands both MARFORSPACE, which reports to USSPACECOM, and MARFORCYBER, which reports to U.S. Cyber Command, the two units will remain separate and distinct commands.

“I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to lead this new organization,” Glavy said. “This is a pivotal time for our nation. The commandant has made the bold move Marines are known for to ensure our relevancy and readiness.”

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