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CHIPS Articles: DISA Global Video Services enables unclassified voice capability

DISA Global Video Services enables unclassified voice capability
By DISA News - November 13, 2020
The Defense Information Systems Agency’s Global Video Services – Unclassified now offers voice dial-in capability to DoD employees.

The voice capability expansion was achieved through a coordinated effort between GVS and Enterprise Voice over Internet Protocol Program Management Offices. GVS-U and EVoIP are available via DISA’s Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network, and are part of DISA’s enterprise communications, collaboration and productivity services.

EVoIP endpoints such as the CISCO Jabber application, desk phones or any smartphone/telephone, can now interact with colleagues using the GVS video teleconferencing audio dial-in feature, eliminating the need to schedule third-party phone bridges during GVS VTC sessions. The dial-in capability does not currently support the Avaya application.

With this service now available, commercial, Defense Switched Network and EVOIP users can attend conferences hosted on GVS-U. Users who plan to host, moderate or schedule a GVS conference must create a GVS-U account.

For more information, including the GVS Voice Integration User Guide, refer to the GVS website.

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