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CHIPS Articles: DON IT Virtual Conference Sessions Now Available for Viewing On Demand

DON IT Virtual Conference Sessions Now Available for Viewing On Demand
By DON CIO - November 9, 2020
Usually held in the fleet concentration of Norfolk, Virginia, the Department of the Navy IT East Coast Conference was held Nov. 4 & 5 via Microsoft CVR Teams due to pandemic requirements. The change in format, however, did not dampen the enthusiasm of presenters or participants. The online event hosted about 1,200 virtual attendees and proved an effective venue for DON IT leadership and subject matter experts to share the status of IT initiatives across the department and the ongoing transformational efforts to advance the DON Information Superiority Vision (ISV). The sessions were designed to support the ISV lines of effort: Modernize, Innovate and Defend the DON’s information infrastructure.

If you were unable to participate in the DON IT Conference, you can still benefit from the insights provided by IT/cybersecurity leaders and subject matter experts across the Department by clicking on the links which will play a video recording of the session you select.

For the selection of recordings, please visit:

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