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CHIPS Articles: 5G Breakout Session Open for Registration at DON IT Virtual Conference - Nov 5

5G Breakout Session Open for Registration at DON IT Virtual Conference - Nov 5
By DON CIO - July-September 2020
This breakout session will take place Thursday, November 5 from 2:00 - 3:40 PM as part of the DON IT Conference, East Coast 2020 Virtual Event. Registration is restricted to DoD employees and support contractors with .mil email accounts only.

5G is a global megatrend with major implications for military overmatch and economic strength. A whole-of-government effort has been put into motion to ensure that policy, strategy, R&D, and spectrum access are accelerated to ensure successful adoption both commercially and militarily.

The OUSD R&E 5G-to-NextG program has made it possible to develop full-scale prototypes on operational bases to allow for in-depth experimentation with 5G technologies in a wide variety of environments and use cases. Mr. Aaron Weis (DON CIO) is the 5G Champion for the DON and is leading a DON-wide effort to ensure that the OUSD R&E experiments are successful and inform a robust 5G strategy for scalable adoption in the DON.

This breakout will have three topic sessions:

  • DON 5G Growth and Governance
  • Introduction to OUSD R&E 5G Experimentation
  • 5G 101

Speakers will include:

  • Michael Galbraith (DON CIO)
  • Joseph Snively (NIWC Atlantic)
  • Dan Green (NAVWAR)
  • Andy Leidy (NIWC Pacific)
  • Scott Brinson (NIWC Atlantic)
  • Greg Ross (NIWC Atlantic)
  • CDR Scott "Axle" Rose (COMPACFLT N62)
  • Kurt Andrews (NIWC Pacific)
  • Fritz Doran (MCTSSA)
  • Thomas Collins (NIWC Pacific)
  • Arnel Castillo (NIWC Atlantic)
  • Kevin Thompson (NIWC Atlantic)
  • Harry Bailey (Marine Forces Storage Command)
  • John Larson (NIWC Atlantic)
  • Tim Ruth (NIWC Pacific)
  • Kevin Sorrell (NIWC Pacific)
  • Stephanie Poore (MARCORLOGCOM)


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