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CHIPS Articles: Make cybersecurity part of our DNA

Make cybersecurity part of our DNA
By Command Master Chief Scott Nagle, Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. Tenth Fleet - October 5, 2020
If you describe something as “part of your DNA”, it is a fundamental part of your nature or identity.

So when CNO Gilday writes in FRAGO 01/2019 that we will “Make Cybersecurity Part of our DNA,” I believe he does so because he knows how critical cybersecurity is to the Navy’s operational readiness. It is critical to our ability to fight and win across the full range of military operations and in all domains.

A critical element of your command’s mission readiness is having access to relevant, reliable, and secure global communications and information. This is only possible with strong cyber defenses.

Linking sensors and shooters across Services, platforms and warfighting domains increases our lethality. But our reliance on ever evolving technology for these improved “kill chains” or “kill webs” make us more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Unless we have resilient cyber defenses, adversaries will erode our warfighting advantage by disrupting communications, stealing Navy data, and disabling systems, including those that control our ships, submarines, aircraft, weapons, ground forces, and shore infrastructure.

Cybersecurity is commander’s business and the commander’s responsibility. But this needs an all-hands on deck effort to succeed – not just those of the cyber workforce – because the sophisticated defenses built and maintained by the Navy can be damaged by any user who carelessly, accidentally, or maliciously introduces malware into our Navy networks.

Each and every one of you plays a critical role in keeping the Navy secure.

We depend on cyber professionals to protect us from attacks, but you also play an important part in defending the Navy since our systems are so interconnected.

Our adversaries have not waited for a conflict to probe our cyber defenses. Instead, they are exploiting any weaknesses they find today. Every time you log onto a system, either at home or at work, you are on the front lines of this unseen cyber-battle.

During October, you will see a lot of content on the Navy’s social media platforms, including this one, that explains cybersecurity best practices you can apply at home and at work to defend against cyber threats.

We must be ready to fight today and prepared to fight tomorrow, which depends on well-protected networks, systems, and data. The Navy is counting on you to defend it from cyber threats by following cybersecurity best practices and policies.

I like to say, “The standard you walk by is the standard you accept.” This expression applies equally in cyberspace. Own it!

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