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CHIPS Articles: SECNAV Memo Delineates Defense Industrial Base Executive Steering Committee Charter and Members

SECNAV Memo Delineates Defense Industrial Base Executive Steering Committee Charter and Members
By CHIPS Magazine - September 17, 2020
The Secretary of the Navy memo establishes and codifies organization, roles and responsibilities, scope, and battle-rhythm of the Defense Industrial Base Executive Steering Committee.

The DIB-ESC was established to address issues that jeopardize the security of the Department of the Navy (DON) data handled by defense contractors working on sensitive naval technology. The DON and its DIB partners provide capabilities for an integrated Naval Force Structure.

As the Navy and Marine Corps develop capabilities for new operational and strategic challenges, the force design and future fleet architecture needs to be protected from all threat vectors, including cyber. The integrated nature of the force, and technological advantage the DON hopes to achieve, has increased physical and cyber threats to include the DIB. As the DON has tightened protection efforts, adversaries have increased their targeting of DIB partners.

The DON’s dependency on DIB partners makes them an inviting target for adversaries to steal information which threatens the department’s ability to be ready to 'fight tonight' in this era of renewed Great Power Competition. Loss of critical technologies puts the DON at risk and erodes the lethality and survivability of naval forces.

To position the DON to protect critical information within the DIB, the DON must continue to work with industry partners and law enforcement to safeguard our valuable information.

The mission of the DIB-ESC is to reduce the DON's risk of exposure from unauthorized disclosure of classified information stored on DIB networks. The DIB-ESC will leverage existing DON tools to accomplish this mission, including changes to people, processes, technology, and organizational structure.

The scope of the DIB-ESC will be: maintaining and leveraging Department of Defense efforts, DIB incident response notifications, industry and government engagement, improving threat information sharing and increasing enterprise awareness of potential threats, and accountability of DIB partners.

Membership will consist of 0~8/9 Flag Officer/General Officer or Senior Executive Service equivalents from the Secretariat, Navy and Marine Corps (outlined below). The DIB-ESC is co-chaired by the DON Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition (ASN (RD&A)).

The DIB-ESC is supported by an 0-5/6 Officer or General Service (GS) 14/15 Advisory Board representing the DIB-ESC organizations, with additional stakeholders as required.

Defense Industrial Base Executive Steering Committee Membership
DIB-ESC Co-chairs: Department of the Navy-Chieflnformation Officer (DON CIO); and, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition (ASN (RD&A)).

DIB-ESC Voting Members:

  • DON Representative to Office of Secretary of Defense - Protecting Critical Technology Task Force (OSD-PCTTF);
  • Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Sustainment (DASN-S);
  • Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy for Security (DUSN Security);
  • Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS);
  • Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare (OPNAVN2/N6) & Director of Naval Intelligence;
  • Deputy Commandant for Information, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps (USMC HQC4);
  • Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Warfare Systems (OPNAV N9);
  • USMC N9 equivalent;
  • U.S. Fleet Cyber Command (FCC)/U.S. TENTH Fleet (CIOF); and,
  • U.S. Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command (MARFORCYBER).

DIB-ESC Members as Required:

  • Navy Office of Legislative Affairs Liaison (OLA);
  • OPNA V N-codes and USMC equivalent; and,

The following are more specific roles and responsibilities:
The DIB-ESC will serve as a decision body and:

  • Approve deliverables with the DIB Advisory Board, and adjunct membership or other subject matter experts.
  • Review and coordinate initiatives to prevent further DIB incidents.
  • Maintain a common view of strategic communication and disseminate as required.
  • Address resource issues and challenges.
  • Facilitate cooperation and information flow between their respective member organizations.
  • Resolve challenges pertaining to securing the DIB.
  • Decide on recommendations made by the DIBAdvisory Board.
  • Identify additional actions to address DIB security.

The DON CIO and ASN(RD&A) will co-chair the DIB ESC and:

  • Provide guidance and support to the DIB ESC as well as inform the Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, Commandant of the Marine Corps, and Office of the Secretary of Defense as needed of the results of the critical actions taken.
  • Identify and make decisions regarding gaps in policies and processes to reduce the risk of vulnerable DON data residing on unclassified DIB partners' networks.
  • Examine existing policies and processes and make recommendations to senior naval leaders to improve efficiencies, reduce redundancies, and strengthen the DON' s ability to maintain its warfighting advantage.
  • Leverage existing capabilities and processes that use acquisition, intelligence, counterintelligence, and law enforcement data and expertise to accomplish the DIB-ESC mission and address challenges.
  • Develop a shared situational awareness of ongoing incidents and update senior leadership as required.
  • Call, schedule, and coordinate meetings at the direction of the DIB-ESC co-chairs as necessary to complete assigned tasks.
  • Determine the agenda and scope of the meetings.

The DIB Advisory Board will review major deliverables and coordinate actions for the DIB-ESC and:

  1. Review major products and initiatives and submit to DIB-ESC.
  2. Coordinate response for the OPREP-3 NAVY BLUE prior to release.
  3. Identify topics and recommendations for discussion at the DIB-ESC.
  4. Work action items identified by the DIB-ESC.
  5. Develop presentations for the DIB-ESC.
  6. Provide organizational updates for ongoing efforts.
  7. Additional organizational duties as required.

SECNAV’s point of contact is Mr. Christopher Cleary, Senior Information Security Officer with the Office of the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer who can be reached at (703) 692-5097 or email at

For references and to download the memo, go to:

SECNAV Memo - Publish Date: 08/06/20

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