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CHIPS Articles: Space Force issues service-specific uniform guidance

Space Force issues service-specific uniform guidance
By Lynn Kirby, Space Force Public Affairs - August 31, 2020
WASHINGTON, (AFNS) -- In it’s first-ever Space Force Guidance Memorandum, the Space Force issued detailed service-specific guidance on the wear of the operational camouflage pattern uniform today.

The SPFGM establishes the OCP as the Space Force duty uniform and provides a grace period until April 1, 2021, for members to update their uniforms to the Space Force-specific configuration.

“Our uniforms are the first visual cue of our identity as a service,” said Chief Master Sgt. Roger A. Towberman, senior enlisted advisor, U.S Space Force. “Adopting the OCP worn in the joint environment reflects our role in the joint warfighting effort, and we incorporated space Force-specific colors and configuration to establish our own independent identity.”

According to the guidance, Space Force members will wear a minimum configuration consisting of a full-color U.S. flag patch, grade insignia, occupational badge, and name and service tapes with space blue embroidery on three-color OCP background.

Tapes and insignia may be sewn on or velcroed to the OCPs, but all components must use the same method of attachment.

The full-color flag patch will be worn on the left sleeve, “centered at the top of the velcro, and worn unless deployed to a contingency operation that aligns under separate/independent OCP wear guidance,” the memo states.

A higher headquarters patch is required to be worn centered below the flag patch on the left, with exceptions for substitutions as outlined in the memo. Spice brown subdued patches are authorized until space blue patches are available. The assigned unit patch is required to be worn centered on the velcro patch of the right sleeve.

Members will wear velcro or sewn-on space blue name tapes on the back of their patrol caps, and officers will also wear rank insignia on the front, which will follow the same thread configuration as the rank insignia on their uniforms.

The memo also allows members to continue to wear the airman battle uniform with the existing Air Force configuration until the April 1 deadline.

The full text of the SPFGM is published here.

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