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CHIPS Articles: NISTIR 8272 — Analysis Tool for Independent Cyber Supply Chain Risks

NISTIR 8272 — Analysis Tool for Independent Cyber Supply Chain Risks
By CHIPS Magazine - August 27, 2020
The National Institute of Standards and Technology announces the publication of NISTIR 8272, Impact Analysis Tool for Interdependent Cyber Supply Chain Risks. This publication describes a tool developed to fill the gap between an organization's risk tolerance and supply chain risk by providing a basic measurement of the potential impact of a cyber supply chain event. NIST advised the NISTIR 8272 tool does not represent a complete supply chain risk management solution, but is intended to be integrated into or used in concert with tools such as third-party management, enterprise resource planning, and supply chain management efforts.

As awareness of cybersecurity supply chain risks grows among federal agencies, there is a greater need for tools that evaluate the impacts of a supply chain-related cyber event, NIST officials said in a release. This can be a challenging activity, especially for those organizations with complex operational requirements and less than transparent supply chains.

NIST reported a publicly available tool to support supply chain risk analysis that specifically takes into account the potential impact of an event does not currently exist. This publication describes how to use the Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM) Interdependency Tool that has been developed to help federal agencies identify and assess the potential impact of cybersecurity events in their interconnected supply chains.

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Supplemental Material:
CSRC - Source Code, Sample Data, and Installer Packages (other)
GitHub - Source Code, Sample Data, and Installer Packages (pdf)

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