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CHIPS Articles: DISA expands Provisional Authorization for Microsoft Azure

DISA expands Provisional Authorization for Microsoft Azure
By DISA Strategic Communication and Public Affairs - August 26, 2020
The Defense Information Systems Agency granted a one-year extension of the Department of Defense Provisional Authorization for the Microsoft Azure Secret Region as a cloud service offering.

Lifting restrictions on the original provisional authorization granted in February 2019, the extension covers Microsoft Azure Secret Region’s Infrastructure/Platform and opens onboarding to DoD mission partners for data classified at the Secret level.

DISA’s authorizing official grants provisional authorizations to commercial cloud service providers following a robust testing and validation process, based on and leveraging assessment results from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program.

While DISA conducts the assessments on the cloud service offerings and issues provisional authorizations, DoD components are responsible for determining and authorizing the best cloud service offering to meet their operational and security requirements.

The DoD Provisional Authorization is not an endorsement of the suitability of the cloud service offering for any particular mission requirement by DISA or DoD.

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