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CHIPS Articles: 2020 DoD Artificial Intelligence Symposium and Exposition Goes Virtual

2020 DoD Artificial Intelligence Symposium and Exposition Goes Virtual
September 9 & 10, 2020
By CHIPS Magazine - August 25, 2020
The Defense Department’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) announced that the DoD AI Symposium has gone virtual for 2020.

All attendees will be able to participate in Symposium sessions led by thought leaders and those organizations that are driving AI in the DoD. In addition, there will also be an exposition area where many of the leading AI organizations will be available to answer questions.

When Secretary of Defense Esper was asked by Congress what the No. 1 priority for DoD technology modernization ought to be, he responded, "For me it's artificial intelligence. I think artificial intelligence will likely change the character of warfare, and I believe whoever masters it first will dominate on the battlefield for many, many, many years. It's a fundamental game-changer. We have to get there first."

The potential of AI is compared to harnessing the power of electricity. The DoD is focused on delivering AI-enabled solutions that benefit troops operating across the globe; safeguard citizens; defend allies; and improve the effectiveness, affordability, and the speed of military operations. The table stakes are high. What is done now to accelerate and deliver AI to the warfighter will have a profound impact on our nation’s ability to field a pre-eminent and capable military force.

The two-day DoD AI Symposium and Exposition will bring together DoD, industry, academia, and across government AI experts and professionals to discuss the Department’s current activities, future direction, challenges, and areas of collaboration with industry and academia that surround the operationalization of AI.

The roster of speakers include: Hon. Dana Deasy, DoD Chief Information Officer; Dr. Jill Crisman, Technology Director for AI/ML, USD Research and Engineering (R&E); and the Hon. Katharina McFarland, National Security Council on Artificial Intelligence Commissioner Chair, National Academies of Science Board of Army Research and Development; to name but a few outstanding experts who will participate.

Registration for the 2020 DoD AI Symposium is live! Click to register. As a result of going virtual, the JAIC is asking everyone to register again.

All registrations are subject to review. Only professional email addresses (.mil, .edu, company accounts) will be accepted for registration. Private email addresses will not be accepted. Once your registration has been reviewed and approved, you will be issued a unique password that will allow you to log into the Symposium starting on September 9th.

Check back often for updates to the Symposium agenda. For questions, contact the JAIC at

Exhibitors who would like to register for a booth should visit

After a review and approval of your registration, you will work directly with the platform provider to create your booth for the interactive virtual environment.

Transforming the DoD through AI

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