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CHIPS Articles: NCDOC Wins a Federal Capture-The-Flag Competition

NCDOC Wins a Federal Capture-The-Flag Competition
By Rebecca Siders, Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command - June 24, 2020
SUFFOLK, Va (NNS) – Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command (NCDOC) participated and won the Tanium’s Federal Virtual Capture the Flag (CTF) Challenge on June 17 and18.

The CTF event is a Department of Defense (DoD)-wide competition with numerous challenges within a lab environment hosted by Tanium. Tanium’s Technical Account Manager (TAM) team assisted participants as they gather information utilizing Tanium’s endpoint management and security platform for data analysis, investigations, and enterprise risk reduction.

During the competition, each team takes on the role of Tanium operators in which they have 24 hours to hunt and investigate more than 90 challenging events, using specific data sets to analyze real-time data as well as historical forensics data in order to complete the challenges within the lab environment.

Twelve Sailors, four teams, from NCDOC represented the Navy and competed against 58 participants, 19 teams, from the other Armed Forces services, the Intel Community, and other DoD agencies.

NCDOC teams, “Ctrl Alt Elite”, “War Dolphins”, and “Just SYN It” consisting of Cryptologic Technician (Networks) petty officers, all placed in the top five winning teams, with Ctrl Alt Elite winning the competition.

Capt. Harold Cole, NCDOC commanding officer, praised the exceptional work of the NCDOC teams who participated in the event.

“We are very proud of our teams. It is reflective of our Navy cyber defenders’ talent and skillset. These kinds of competitions are fun and challenging,” said Cole. “We encourage our personnel to participate in them when possible because it is a good way to develop technical skills in cyber operations while under pressure as well as build teamwork and collaboration, all of which are critical skills in cyber defense.”

Throughout the competition, teams must think quickly and make decisions rapidly in order to defeat their opponent, mimicking real-world agility skills critical for cyber defenders who operate under pressure to identify, prioritize, and remediate risks to networks in order to sustain the mission.

The Navy finds value of CTF events to allow cyber professionals and operators, to apply their technical and analytical skills learned from a competitive event to the reality of defending the Navy’s enterprise networks.

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