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CHIPS Articles: NGA Tech Strategy shows the way to geospatial advantage

NGA Tech Strategy shows the way to geospatial advantage
By National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency - June 3, 2020
SPRINGFIELD, Virginia —The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency published the agency’s technology strategy May 29, highlighting its path to continued GEOINT dominance through improving internal processes and leveraging industry-leading technology.

“Maintaining our advantage as the world leader in geospatial intelligence requires a sound digital enterprise,” said NGA Director Vice Adm. Robert Sharp. “We depend on this system of systems to provide speed, accuracy and precision in our mission to show the way – either physically from point A to point B on land, sea and air, or logically in making national security decisions.”

The NGA Technology Strategy outlines the current technology environment, the vision for tomorrow and how the agency and the geospatial ecosystem can reach this desired end state. The way ahead incorporates a number of key initiatives

  • Enable builders and makers
  • Transform digital workspaces
  • Build with customers
  • Treat data as a strategic asset
  • Build artificial intelligence, cloud and high performance computing into GEOINT Mainstream
  • The NGA Technology Strategy was developed concurrently with the 2020 NGA Tech Focus Areas, which details current and enduring agency technology needs.

    “This strategy focus on enabling those who build and make technology to support NGA and the Systems for Geospatial Intelligence,” said NGA Chief Technology Officer Mark Munsell. “We firmly believe that the most important technology problem is not the adoption of artificial intelligence or quantum computing, but fostering a technology workforce steeped in GEOINT and enabling them with an environment to deliver the best applications and services in the world.”

    The NGA Technology Strategy is available for download here.

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