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CHIPS Articles: NSWC Corona to Anchor New 'Inland Empire Tech Bridge,' Creating Opportunities for Local Economy while Accelerating Innovation

NSWC Corona to Anchor New 'Inland Empire Tech Bridge,' Creating Opportunities for Local Economy while Accelerating Innovation
By Candice Villarreal, Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona Public Affairs - May 14, 2020
CORONA, Calif. (NNS) -- Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition) James “Hondo” Geurts announced establishment of the new Inland Empire Tech Bridge in a virtual press conference May 12.

The Inland Empire Tech Bridge will be anchored by Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Corona Division and will serve as a regional hub of innovation for the Navy command and local partners in industry, academia, nonprofits and private capital to work together to find faster, better solutions to warfighter challenges.

“It’s a tremendous honor for NSWC Corona to be named a Tech Bridge, especially as we celebrate our 10th anniversary as a federal lab,” said Troy Clarke, Inland Empire Tech Bridge director. “This fulfills a long-term strategic vision for us and recognizes the incredible partnership and support we have within our region. This will be a pivotal turning point for the Inland Empire’s innovation economy.”

In less than nine months, the Tech Bridge network connected their initial six Tech Bridges with more than $42 million to solve problems. That funding included prize challenge authorities focusing on reaching non-traditional partners and funding for small business innovation research. With new Tech Bridges just announced, opportunities for surrounding local ecosystems like the Inland Empire region will grow.

The Inland Empire Tech Bridge will focus on building networks, breaking down silos and connecting people to enhance warfighter capabilities while also providing businesses and other partners with technology transfer opportunities and other dual-use solutions. Additional resources the Tech Bridge designation unlocks can also play a key role in stimulating the regional economy.

The Inland Empire Tech Bridge joins 11 others across the country, challenging the Navy to find ways to work with internal and external partners and increase access to best practices, smart solutions and innovative technologies in the interest of national security. According to NavalX, designation as a Tech Bridge fosters the use of existing and agile authorities and accelerates project timelines.

“Navy leadership is asking us to go faster in data analytics to increase warfighting readiness,” said Commanding Officer Capt. Khary Hembree-Bey. “The Inland Empire Tech Bridge will help us do that by leveraging the incredible innovation ecosystem we have in the Inland Empire to accelerate the deployment of critical support and technological solutions. This will help us advance our pursuit of owning tomorrow’s fight today while creating new opportunities for Inland Empire businesses.”

With 50 universities located within 50 miles of Corona, the opportunities for collaboration with the diverse region’s best and brightest are nearly endless. Additionally, the Inland Empire region of Southern California – at the center of which NSWC Corona is nestled – boasts an emerging economy build around world-class educational institutions and an array of notably innovative businesses.

Tech Bridges are designed to play pivotal roles in eliminating the kinds of acquisition sluggishness that can hamper innovation over time. A NSWC Corona role in the Tech Bridge infrastructure provides the Navy with yet another mechanism to increase speed-to-fleet while the data and decision science powerhouse keeps its focus on accelerating warfighter decisions to dominate the threat.

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Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona, headquartered in Norco, California, is the Navy's premier independent analysis and assessment agent, using measurement, analysis and assessment to enable our warfighters to train, fight and win. The center analyzes warfare systems readiness and performance, engineers the Fleet’s Live Virtual Constructive training network and environment, and advises and administratively manages the Navy and Marine Corps metrology and calibration program. Capt. Khary Hembree-Bey commands the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) field activity with a workforce of more than 3,700 scientists, engineers, contractors and support staff.

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