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CHIPS Articles: DISA Celebrates 60th Anniversary

DISA Celebrates 60th Anniversary
By CHIPS Magazine - May 13, 2020
Department of Defense Chief Information Officer Dana Deasy saluted the Defense Information Systems Agency on its 60th anniversary on Twitter this week: @USDISA "is our nation's premier IT combat systems agency," he wrote, and he invited the DoD community to join him in congradulations.

Congratulations are in order for Army Maj. Luis (Pocho) Nieves Concepcion, a Mobility Program Management Office liaison at DISA Europe, who is the winner of the DISA 60th Anniversary Logo Design Contest. The contest invited agency employees to design and submit a logo commemorating DISA’s 60th anniversary which was May 12.

The logo designed by Nieves is focused around the number 60. The DISA logo is centered inside of the “0.” Below the DISA anniversary theme, “60 Years of Service, Technology and Innovating for the Future," there is an anniversary ribbon with the years: 1960 and 2020. The years are connected by an analog wave streaming from the “1960” and a digital signal wave connected to the “2020.”

“This symbolizes how in DISA’s founding year of 1960 the analog signal was the technology of the times and through time we innovated into the digital age and at our present time of 2020,” said Nieves.

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DISA’s 60th Anniversary logo designed by Army Maj. Luis (Pocho) Nieves Concepcion
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