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CHIPS Articles: NCTAMS LANT DET JAX selected again as DISA Facility of the Year

NCTAMS LANT DET JAX selected again as DISA Facility of the Year
By Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station - Atlantic - May 13, 2020
For the second year in a row, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Atlantic Detachment Jacksonville (NCTAMS LANT DET JAX) has won the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) Facility of the Year (FOTY) Award as a Category II Global Information Grid (GIG) Transmission Facility.

NCTAMS LANT DET Jacksonville expertly manages a complex array of critical Department of Defense (DoD) network infrastructure hardware components and fiber links consisting of 50 trunks, and over 424 warfighter circuits.

“We are humbled and proud to be recognized by DISA for the second year in a row, “ said the NCTAMS LANT Detachment Jacksonville Officer in Charge, LCDR Gilbert Baughn. “Effective management of these networks provides naval, joint, interagency, and coalition operating forces within the U.S. Northern and Southern Command operating areas rapid reliable voice and data communications services. Our work continues.”

The goal of the DISA DISN FOTY awards is to identify and formally recognize outstanding DISN facilities for exemplary accomplishments, performance, and contributions made to enhance the effectiveness in which the Department of Defense information Network (DODIN) is operated, secured, and managed.

Focus areas of consideration during the development of the facility evaluation criteria, at minimum, include: findings from recent performance evaluations, mission accomplishments, training, customer support, timely status reporting, trouble restoration support and reliability of service.

“Our ability to better operate and defend DoD networks benefits our Naval Service, the DoD and our country,” said the detachment’s DISA Node Site coordinator, Mr. Charles Dennison. He directs a military team who are trained in circuit implementation, activation, and system fault isolation.

“Operational commanders around the globe depend on networks for command and control, battle space awareness, and integrated fires in all phases of conflict and for daily operations. Our networks are vital for the pervasive logistics, administrative, medical, and training functions upon which the entire DoD operates,” he said.

DISA is a combat support agency of the Department of Defense (DoD) and provides, operates, and assures command and control and information-sharing capabilities and a globally accessible enterprise information infrastructure in direct support to joint warfighters, national level leaders, and other mission and coalition partners across the full spectrum of military operations.

NCTAMS LANT Detachment Jacksonville delivers responsive, resilient, and secure communications systems, providing information superiority for the Department of the Navy and joint forces in the U.S. Southern and Northern Command theatres of operation.

Learn more about NCTAMS LANT by visiting or

NCTAMS LANT DET Jacksonville takes a unit photo Jan. 28, 2020. Left to right in the front row are Mr. Jose Cruz (deputy officer in charge), Lt. Cmdr. Jonathan Alston (officer in charge), and Yeoman Chief Petty Officer Charmeka Munn (senior enlisted leader).
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