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CHIPS Articles: CIWT Det. Goodfellow Realigns, Name Changed to IWTC Monterey Det. Goodfellow

CIWT Det. Goodfellow Realigns, Name Changed to IWTC Monterey Det. Goodfellow
By Glenn Sircy, Center for Information Warfare Training - May 4, 2020
PENSACOLA, Fla. – The Center for Information Warfare Training (CIWT) Det. Goodfellow realigned under Information Warfare Training Command (IWTC) Monterey, its new immediate superior in charge (ISIC), May 1. It is now named IWTC Monterey Det. Goodfellow.

"Today we are truly making vision into reality,” shared Capt. Michael Salehi, commanding officer of IWTC Monterey. “The most exciting part of this initiative is that our command is on the forefront of tactically executing the Navy's strategic vision of the linguist community. Our actions today will have enduring impacts well into the foreseeable future in how we shape and mold the Navy's next generation of linguists."

With a nearly 54-year history onboard Goodfellow Air Force Base, San Angelo, Texas, the Det. was originally established there August 19, 1966, under the command and support of the chief of naval personnel. In November 1971, responsibility for command and support of the Naval Communications Training Center at Pensacola, the Det.'s parent command, was transferred to the chief of naval technical training. In September 1973, the Det.'s name was changed to Naval Technical Training Center Det. The Det.'s name was again changed in July 2003 to the Center for Cryptology Det. Subsequently, in January 2005, the Det.'s name was changed to the Center for Information Dominance Det., and then to the CIWT Det. Goodfellow in 2016.

This realignment moves the Apprentice Cryptologic Language Program training conducted at Goodfellow directly under IWTC Monterey, where it is part of the command’s mission. The realignment improves command and control, streamlines communications and training operations, and functionally aligns resources to establish a more effective and efficient force development organization in support of Department of Navy language requirements.

"We're quite happy to realign under IWTC Monterrey,” said Lt. Cmdr. John Allen, IWTC Monterey Det. Goodfellow officer in charge. “As the Apprentice Cryptologic Language Program moves to Goodfellow, having IWTC Monterey as our ISIC makes complete sense. The challenges have been minimal, and we expect to continue the mission with zero interruptions while capitalizing on the realignment to bring more resources to courses offered at Goodfellow.

IWTC Monterey Det. Goodfellow is aligned under IWTC Monterey. As part of the CIWT domain, they provide a continuum of foreign language training to Navy personnel, which prepares them to conduct information warfare across the full spectrum of military operations.

With four schoolhouse commands, two detachments, and training sites throughout the United States and Japan, CIWT trains over 20,000 students every year, delivering trained information warfare professionals to the Navy and joint services. CIWT also offers more than 200 courses for cryptologic technicians, intelligence specialists, information systems technicians, electronics technicians, and officers in the information warfare community.

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Logo for Information Warfare Training Command Monterey. (Courtesy U.S. Navy)
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