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CHIPS Articles: April - June 2020 Edition of InfoDOMAIN Published

April - June 2020 Edition of InfoDOMAIN Published
By CHIPS Magazine - March 31, 2020
InfoDOMAIN, the official online magazine of Naval Information Forces (NAVIFOR), the Naval Information Warfighting Development Center (NIWDC) and the entire Information Warfare Community, is now available at:

InfoDOMAIN is the voice of the NAVIFOR and NIWDC, in particular, and the 74 commands that make up the Information Warfighting Community (IWC) in general.

The publication is important for several reasons:

-- Build a community of all Information Warfare Professionals — intelligence, cyber, meteorology/oceanographic and space.

-- An online magazine helps build a sense of community and connections. The best way to do that is help people make connections that cross lines and help diverse groups find a new, common home.

-- Source for Information Warfare news. InfoDOMAIN is the ultimate source for news about the IWC. It provides IWC members news and information to inform them about their shipmates, their organization and the Navy and helps them with career decisions.

-- Community news. While the community is now part of a greater whole, individual communities continue to exist and in many cases, these communities do not have newsletters or magazines, so the new InfoDOMAIN will serve as an official online, community magazine for the Information Warfare Community.

From the CO's conference room to the deck plate, InfoDOMAIN editors want to know your interests, concerns, ideas and criticisms. Feedback is always welcome.

The issue is available at: or

InfoDOMAIN April - June 2020 Edition Cover
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