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CHIPS Articles: DISA Cloud Storage Program Management Office institutes temporary changes to milDrive

DISA Cloud Storage Program Management Office institutes temporary changes to milDrive
By Carissa Landymore, Cloud Storage Chief - March 30, 2020
The Defense Information Systems Agency Cloud Storage Program Management Office is instituting temporary changes to milDrive, the Defense Department’s data storage platform, for all non-VIP accounts.

During times requiring increased flexibility, milDrive ensures effective communication during expanded telework scenarios providing file, sync and share functionality. To support the immediate onboarding of new DoD users, the milDrive PMO must shift current resources to expedite intake of critically needed data for day-to-day operations.

To address these concerns, the Cloud Storage PMO temporarily paused two milDrive capabilities March 16.

First, the milDrive workstation backup capability is not available. This feature permitted users to selectively choose locations for backup from their local workstation. Currently, when attempting to use the backup capability, users will notice the milDrive backup tab is grayed out and no changes can be made. It is important to note that data previously backed up in the milDrive client is still located in milDrive. As with normal operation of milDrive backup data, it can be accessed via the milDrive portal. After this capability is resumed, the backup tab will be available for updates.

Second, the Outlook Personal Storage Table file synchronization capability within milDrive is not available. Users’ PST files are large, frequently changing files that consume a significant amount of system and network resources to manage. As this service is paused, current milDrive users will notice two alerts on milDrive clients: A red “X” in the Windows file explorer on each PST file located in the milDrive folder and an unsyncable alert for PST files in the milDrive dashboard under sync status. Users’ existing PST file(s) and their previous versions are still protected in milDrive. However, any updates to PST files will not be synchronized to milDrive during this time. When this capability is resumed, PST files should sync as expected.

The milDrive information portal is available to Common Access Card enabled users.

For information regarding the functionality of, or temporary changes to, milDrive, contact DISA's Mission Partner Engagement Office.

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