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CHIPS Articles: DON CIO: Acceptable Use of DON Information Technology

DON CIO: Acceptable Use of DON Information Technology
By DON CIO Memo - January-March 2020
Department of Navy (DON) information technology (IT) resources greatly enhance our warfighting and business processing capabilities. However, when used inappropriately and without regard to good practices, these same resources increase the DON's exposure to malicious intrusions, expose our most critical information to threats, and increase costs through spillage and higher bandwidth requirements. We must change the cyber culture, take responsibility for cybersecurity, and practice good cyber hygiene. Maintaining cyber readiness is an all hands responsibility.

The combined effect of recreational internet surfing and non-mission related high bandwidth intensive activities (e.g., streaming media such as movies or music, downloading images for personal use, etc.), impacts overall network performance, impedes critical business and mission needs and exposes our information systems to unnecessary vulnerabilities.

Appropriately controlling access to, and personal use of, DON IT resources is a leadership issue. Commanders, commanding officers, civilian leaders, and officers in charge must engage with their users to ensure DON IT resources are being utilized in an acceptable manner and in accordance with this policy. Ensure your personnel are aware the DON uses tools to monitor user activity and implements varying levels of capacity/filtering restrictions.

Communications made using DON IT and information stored on DON IT are not private, are subject to routine monitoring, interception, and search, and may be disclosed for any authorized government purposes.

This memorandum updates the Acceptable Use of DON IT Policy and cancels reference (a). This policy is a coordinated effort between the DON Chief Information Office (DON CIO) and the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy (DUSN) as part of the DON's cyber/traditional security partnership for the protection of national security information, controlled unclassified information, and information systems.

The DON CIO point of contact for this policy is Ms. Jennifer Harper, 703-695-1983, .

Signed by:
Aaron D. Weis
Department of the Navy
Chief Information Officer

You can download the memo here.

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