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CHIPS Articles: NGA publishes resource guide to advance geospatial academic research

NGA publishes resource guide to advance geospatial academic research
By CHIPS Magazine - March 6, 2020
The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency published a geospatial resource guide for academic research, providing imagery and data sources for professionals and students to aid and enhance academic projects.

“Our goal is to enable professionals and students at any level — from high school to graduate school — to pursue research on issues that will further the geospatial-intelligence tradecraft and body of knowledge,” said Cindy Daniell, director of NGA Research. “Our intuition is that by providing publicly available GEOINT imagery and data sources, we will enhance their project execution.”

NGA reported in a release the guide includes:

- More than 100 resources for secondary, undergraduate, and post-graduate researchers, their instructors and advisors.

- Sources of free GEOINT imagery, data, and applications.

- GEOINT-related professional associations and potential sources of internships, scholarships, grants and employment.

“Were hope that by supporting students’ efforts to successfully complete geospatial research projects, they will be encouraged to continue their geospatial studies and potentially even consider a career in geospatial services,” Daniell said.

The resource guide is available at

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