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CHIPS Articles: Global Maritime Forum Report Released

Global Maritime Forum Report Released
By National Maritime Intelligence Office Public Affairs - January 15, 2020
WASHINGTON (AFNS) (NNS) -- The office of the Director, National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office (NMIO) / National Intelligence Manager for Maritime (NIM Maritime) has released a report on the Global Maritime Forum (GMF) held at the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom in 2019.

Rear Adm. Gene Price, USN, then-director of NMIO/NIM Maritime, partnered with the United Kingdom National Maritime Information Centre to host and facilitate the 2-day GMF event.

The report provides a summary of the forum, which focused on “Unifying Unmanned Systems to Enhance Maritime Security: Building Networks to Solve Unique Challenges.”

The forum saw participation from private, academic, and international partners from eight different nations with varying roles in creating and networking unmanned systems, enhancing maritime security, and leading the cutting edge of autonomy and artificial intelligence.

Through this forum, and subsequent engagement with the participating foreign and domestic institutions, NMIO/NIM Maritime brought together the Global Maritime Community of Interest to improve information sharing on cutting-edge unmanned vehicle and networking technologies.

The goal of the forum was to foster a better understanding of a significant emerging technology that has the potential to improve maritime security in actionable, meaningful ways.

The final report on the workshop is now available for download at:

The Director of National Intelligence created NMIO as an Intelligence Community Service of Common Concern in 2009 to advance governmental collaboration and unity of effort as outlined in the 9/11 Commission Report, the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, and the National Strategy for Maritime Security. NMIO facilitates information sharing and collaboration across a Global Maritime Community of Interest, which consists of U.S. federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial governments; the maritime industry; non-governmental organizations; law enforcement; academia; and our international partners. Learn more about NMIO online at

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