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CHIPS Articles: Registration Now Open for the Navy-Marine Corps Spectrum Summit West 2020

Registration Now Open for the Navy-Marine Corps Spectrum Summit West 2020
By DON CIO - October-December 2019
The Navy-Marine Corps Spectrum Summit has been approved for Feb. 11-13, 2020, at the Admiral Kidd Catering & Conference Center, in San Diego, California. No conference fee will be assessed, but registration is required.

The purpose of the Navy-Marine Corps Spectrum Summit is to:

  • Align US Navy – US Marine Corps spectrum management communities on critical military, national and international spectrum issues.
  • Bring the community together under a common voice; educate them on current legislation, and current procedures impacting the entire community.
  • Discuss policy, doctrine, automated tools, as well as DoD, Federal, and industry outreach efforts which are necessary in preparation for future spectrum and electronic warfare challenges.

Registration — The Summit is open and free to Department of the Navy, government, military and contractor personnel providing direct support to the government; however, registration is required. Pre-registration will close approximately two weeks before the event. Note: Walk-in contractor support registrants must provide CAC or name and contact information of government sponsor.

Register here.

Dress Code — Military participants should wear the uniform of the day for all events. Civilians and contractors should wear appropriate business attire.

The signed approval memo is available for download here: Spectrum Summit Approval Memo.

Awards — View information on the 2020 USN-USMC Electromagnetic Spectrum Workforce Excellence Awards website.

Registration and additional details are now available.

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