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CHIPS Articles: MyNavy Family app Introduces Improved Services

MyNavy Family app Introduces Improved Services
By Cmdr. Erik Wells, Sea Warrior Program (PMW 240) Public Affairs - November 21, 2019
ARLINGTON, Va. (NNS) -- The Navy continues to focus on families with the latest update of the MyNavy Family app. First released in May, the free app has been downloaded over ten thousand times.

“The app has done exactly what we intended which is to both inform families and encourage them to continue to provide feedback to improve the app,” said Amanda Burns, the MyNavy Family app product owner.

The May release included 12 main content areas, Navy Spouse 101 Information, links to Naval Services FamilyLine website and other pertinent websites. Based on feedback from the initial release, the app was updated in June to include links for Spouse Licensure Reimbursement, Blue Star Families and Navy Gold Star Program. This month, the app underwent several improvements to include a new search feature on the "Welcome Screen" and three additional content areas. There is now sections on family financial planning, survivor’s resources, and parents and family members of Sailors.

“Whether a spouse or family member is new to the Navy or they have been part of our family for ten years, it can be difficult to know where to turn for support,” said Perry Christiansen, lead policy analyst with the Family Readiness Program Office. “This app allows our Sailors and families to quickly find information and resources to let them navigate to find the information they need.”

Additional links were added that help Sailors and their families during a permanent change of station move including a link to the Navy Lodge, which offers safe, clean and affordable accommodations at 39 locations worldwide.

From its inception, the app was built to provide an interactive user experience that contains relevant and timely information.

“All of the apps we develop are updated on a regular basis to provide accurate information that Sailors and their families can rely on,” said David Driegert, assistant program manager for the Sea Warrior Program (PMW 240) mobility program which developed the app. “The MyNavy Family app is a good example of how we work as an integrated agile team to quickly respond to suggested improvements and implement them to benefit Sailors and their families.”

The app is located in the Navy App Locker along with 23 other apps that focus on everything from fitness and training to education and life skills.

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