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CHIPS Articles: Naval OPSEC Support Team Improves Service by Making a Move

Naval OPSEC Support Team Improves Service by Making a Move
By NAVIFOR Public Affairs - September 18, 2019
Effective Oct. 1, 2019, the Navy’s Operations Security (OPSEC) support capability, known as the Naval OPSEC Support Team (NOST), will complete their transition from the Information Warfare Training Group Atlantic (IWTGLANT) in Norfolk, Virginia, to their Type Command (TYCOM) at Naval Information Forces (NAVIFOR) located in Suffolk, Virginia.

“There are several reasons for the realignment,” said Mr. Greg Jimenez, NAVIFOR’s Readiness Department Head (N33) where the NOST now resides. “The primary and most significant reason is to enable the team’s mission to expand and provide OPSEC support Navywide. From their previous location at IWTGLANT, the NOST was more focused on units within the Optimized Fleet Response Plan.”

Relocating to the TYCOM and working directly under U.S. Fleet Forces Command allows the NOST to better focus their efforts on Navywide OPSEC initiatives. With fewer lines of communication, the NOST can more effectively perform their role as advisors to the OPSEC program advocates for both the Secretary of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operations.

“The OPSEC team performs several functions ranging from training; operational; reach-back support to afloat forces; program development to include doctrine development; and planning and assessments,” said Jimenez. “All of these functions best align under the NAVIFOR man, train and equip functions as the Information Warfare (IW) TYCOM.”

Other reasons for the move include establishing direct lines of effort with other TYCOMS; integration into fleet exercises; operations and plans; better reach throughout the Navy and IW communities; and equal alignment with the Joint, Special Operations Command, Army and Air Force OPSEC support capabilities.

For more information about the NOST and OPSEC information, visit or download the Naval OPSEC app. You can contact the team via email at or phone 757.203.3656.

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