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CHIPS Articles: DISA is Piloting Introduction to DoD Cyber Workforce in the National Capital Region 27-28 August

DISA is Piloting Introduction to DoD Cyber Workforce in the National Capital Region 27-28 August
By CHIPS Magazine - August 22, 2019
Training is open to all military, civilian and contractor employees who have a technical role. Classes are free, but all travel expenses are the responsibility of the student/organization.

Introduction to DoD Cyber Workforce, Course number= CW19004

DESCRIPTION: The DoD Cyber Workforce Framework (DCWF) describes the work performed by the full spectrum of the cyber workforce as defined in DoD Directive (DoDD) 8140.01 (which reissues and renumbers, 8570.01).The DCWF is the Department's standardized cyber workforce lexicon of work roles that will be used for coding positions in support of a number of DoD-wide workforce management and planning activities; Introduction to what the DCWF is, relationship to other frameworks and guidance and the definition of cyber roles and their related KSAs and Tasks.

OPEN to all DoD employees (military, civilian, and government contractors)
DATES: 27-28 August 2019
PREREQUISITE: These classes are designed for DCWF professionals
LOCATION: DoD Training Center - 8830 Stanford Boulevard, Columbia, MD 21043.

Using your DoD Email Certificate you can log on the direct registration page to register.

For the DISA Catalog and to register for other courses, visit

Registration form requests and all training inquiries should be addressed to the DISA Training Team at:

DISA Training Team POC: Ms. Patricia McDonald / Phone: (717) 267-9448 / Email:

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