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CHIPS Articles: Data Analytics Industry Day Co-Hosted by NAVIFOR & AFCEA

Data Analytics Industry Day Co-Hosted by NAVIFOR & AFCEA
By Jacky Fisher, NAVIFOR Public Affairs - August 19, 2019
SUFFOLK, Va. – Naval Information Forces (NAVIFOR) joined efforts with the Hampton Roads Chapter of AFCEA to host the first Data Analytics Industry Day at Norfolk’s Hilton The Main, Norfolk, Virginia, Aug. 13. This symposium was an interactive gathering of professionals in the information warfare (IW) realm from the government and civilian industry to discuss and address in a collaborative setting the pivotal role of data, data analytics, and actionable information pertaining to the IW domain.

In his opening remarks Vice Adm. Brian Brown, commander, NAVIFOR, thanked AFCEA for their partnership in sponsoring the event, noting that expectations were exceeded and that the conference room had to be expanded to accommodate the more than 300 attendees.

“In this information-based era of great power competition, we face a different, more complex landscape than the past. It’s warfighting in much more of a cognitive framework than a kinetic one. As a result, we are also at the precipice of a new data analytics era. We need to figure out how to deal with the data we have and integrate data from disparate sources in a way that gets us from data to decision faster than the enemy,” said Brown in his opening remarks. “To tackle this framework, we formed an Information Warfare Enterprise, to address challenges from operational to training, manning, and equipping to ensure a ready, agile, and capable information warfare force.”

Capt. A. I. Lopez, Program Manager, Fleet Readiness Directorate 100, Naval Information Warfare Systems Command, was the guest speaker. His presentation on RAVEN, Readiness and Analytics Visualization Environment, outlined a Navy-specific issue of how to more effectively use existing data gleaned from more than 30 sources to develop proactive measures to achieve and maintain fleet readiness.

NAVIFOR C5I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems, and Intelligence) Wholeness Campaign Plan Lead, Mr. Rich Voter, spoke to the data analytical challenges experienced in the Navy’s C5I readiness improvement project. According to Voter, the end goal is to “see a higher level of C5I readiness throughout the training, deployment and sustainment phases of the operating cycle.”

Two separate five-person panels, one government and the other industry, sat for an open-forum questions and answers for the audience. The government panel discussed Data Analytics Impact on IW Operations; the Industry Panel covered How Industry Can Best Support IW Operations with Data Analytics.

During the awards presentation just prior to the luncheon, AFCEA Chairman, Palmer Simms, recognized Ms. Richanda Bryant of Dream World Solutions, LLC, as the AFCEAN of the Month; presented five high school students with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) scholarships; and presented two NAVIFOR personnel, Mr. Greg Krause and Lt. Nayomie Richards, with certificates for Civilian and Military Cyber Professional, respectfully.

“I'm truly humbled to be selected from among a strong group of submissions for the AFCEA civilian Cyber professional of the month award and I'm honored to be part of such an elite group of recipients,” said Krause, NAVIFOR’s Cybersecurity (CIO1) Department Head. “I am extremely proud of what my team has accomplished, and believe that we are just scratching the surface of cybersecurity analytics. Events like today's NAVIFOR AFCEA Industry Day will allow us to transform our technology and our workforce.”

Industry days like this support the Chief of Naval Operations long-range guidance to link strategy with execution by creating a single authoritative data environment that strengthens and enables the IW community to permit the use of cutting-edge machine learning, or artificial intelligence, and data analytics by the end of 2024.

“This event provided the collaboration opportunity for naval leadership and AFCEA Industry Data Science Team in a format exceeding the anticipated value for the local IW community,” said Sims.

“This symposium was designed to generate ideas, establish common goals, identify possible hurdles, and strengthen the relationships between government and civilian industry in the IW domain,” said Brown. “Together with our industry partners, innovative ideas translate into new capabilities to deliver the Navy the nation needs.”

NAVIFOR’s mission is to generate, directly and through our leadership of the Information Warfare Enterprise (IWE), agile and technically superior manned, trained, equipped, and certified combat ready IW forces to ensure our Navy will decisively DETER, COMPETE, and WIN.

AFCEA Hampton Roads Chapter is a Non-Governmental Organization that connects people, ideas and solutions for global security by providing an ethical forum for military, government, academic and industry communities to collaborate so that technology and strategy align with the needs of those who serve.

For more information about NAVIFOR, visit the command's website at, Navy News webpage at or Facebook page at

For more information on AFCEA, visit their Facebook page at

Vice Adm. Brian Brown, Commander, Naval Information Forces (NAVIFOR) gives the opening remarks at the NAVIFOR Data Analytics Industry Day AFCEA Hampton Roads which was held in Norfolk on August 13. A Government Panel, which discussed Data Analytics Impact on IW Operations and Industry Panel, which discussed How Industry, can, Best Support IW Operations with Data Analytics were held during the event. (U.S. Navy photo by Robert Fluegel / RELEASED)
NAVIFOR Data Analytics Industry Day AFCEA Hampton Roads was held in Norfolk on August 13. Mr. Matthew Swartz, Deputy Commander, Naval Information Forces moderated the Industry Panel which discussed how industry can best support IW operations with data analytics. The panel members were Sherry Bennett, Chief Data Scientist, DLT Solutions, Donald Rye, DoD Chief Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise-Federal; Tracy Shockley, Federal Services Architect, Quest Public Sector; Marcus Jones, Data & AI Solutions Architect, Microsoft and Brant Horio, Director Data Science, LMI. (U.S. Navy photo by Robert Fluegel / RELEASED)
During the NAVIFOR Data Analytics Industry Day AFCEA Hampton Roads August luncheon Mr. Greg Krause, NAVIFOR CIO was presented the Civilian Cyber Professional award and LT Nayomie Richards, NAVIFOR N3 was presented the Military Cyber Professional award. (U.S. Navy photo by Robert Fluegel / RELEASED)
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