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CHIPS Articles: NIWC Atlantic Employee Named First DoD AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador

NIWC Atlantic Employee Named First DoD AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador
By Diane Owens, Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic - July 29, 2019
Naval Information Warfare Systems Center (NIWC) Atlantic’s Cyber Education and Certification Readiness Facility (CERF) founder and lead was named a 2019 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate cloud ambassador.

Fred Bisel received the recognition as a member of the inaugural cohort of the AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador Program.

The cloud ambassadors include leading educators and technical experts at more than 175 higher education and K-12 institutions in more than 32 countries. The honor is presented to individuals excelling in teaching cloud computing and pushing the boundaries of cloud learning in the classroom.

Bisel is the first and only Department of Defense (DoD) cloud ambassador.

“We’re honored to participate in both the AWS cloud ambassador program and in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate program,” said Bisel. “AWS courses provide NIWC Atlantic employees and other civilian and military members the knowledge required to obtain crucial certifications to ensure a highly skilled workforce.”

NIWC Atlantic is the first DoD agency chosen to offer AWS cloud training to members of all branches of the military and to its own civilian and military workforce through another AWS program called AWS Academy.

The first one-week, face-to-face portion of the AWS Academy Cloud Foundations course was held for Marine Corps active duty members and civilian employees at the Pentagon in Washington June 10 – 14 using AWS-provided coursework including lectures, self-assessments and hands-on lab projects. In addition to classroom training, AWS Academy provides students with one-year online access to remote curriculum that supplements classroom training.

“It is such a privilege to have Mr. Bisel and his team at NIWC Atlantic,” said Andrew Mansfield, NIWC technical director. “Fred is the epitome of a NIWC Atlantic employee – he has a passion for learning and sharing, and an absolute focus on mission. He will represent the DoD in an exemplary fashion, and I look forward to seeing how he will help lead the transformation of our workforce to embrace cloud computing.”

AWS Educate is Amazon’s global initiative to provide students and educators with the resources needed to accelerate cloud-related learning, access to AWS technology and open source content for classes. AWS Cloud Ambassadors benefit from cutting-edge continuing education and opportunities to network with experienced educators and practitioners, to provide unparalleled education to students.

As a part of Naval Information Warfare Systems Command, NIWC Atlantic provides systems engineering and acquisition to deliver information warfare capabilities to the naval, joint and national warfighter through the acquisition, development, integration, production, test, deployment, and sustainment of interoperable command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, cyber and information.

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